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Mandatory Summer Academic Advising
Alicia Moore, Michael Fisher, Seana Barry
Representing First-Year Experience, CAP Services, and Admissions & Records
Alicia,, x7244
COCC's First-Year Experience Activity Team identified the need to increase communications to students who apply for
admission early in the process. While part of that will be addressed by Bobcat Welcome (a new, early and online
orientation), we also know that getting students registered in classes as early as possible builds a strong sense of
connection to the College. This prompted a discussion about new student advising days, which then lead to a
discussion on why academic advising is not required for summer term. COCC "urban legend" is that certificate- and
degree-seeking summer term students are only at COCC for one term and then return to their primary institution in fall.
However, institutional data indicates that an average of 67% of new, 45% of returning after an absence, and 60% of
transfer in students stay at COCC for fall term. In order for these students to be as successful as possible, we
recommend requiring academic advising for all certificate and degree-seeking students starting with summer 2020.
Revised AA Presentation Checklist-writable Updated 5/10/2018
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No budgetary impact.
This policy will bring summer term in alignment with all other terms regarding COCC's
policy for advising. The instructional impact of this is that starting for summer 2020, faculty
advisors may need to clear a student's advising requirement for summer term (as they do
for fall, winter, and spring terms) should a student choose to take summer term classes.
This change will require changing how Banner is programmed in terms of advising
requirements. Chris Mills, COCC's Banner Student Module Manager/Analyst, indicates
that this is a relatively easy change.
CAP Services already hosts optional advising days for summer term students, so they
may need to expand the number of available group advising days to accommodate this
change. Seana Barry, CAP Services Director, and Bonnie Jordan and Diana Kalanquin,
CAP Services advisors, are part of the work group recommending this change.
Revised AA Presentation Checklist-writable Updated 5/10/2018
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This recommendation is an offshoot of a team working to explore moving the first time new
students can register for fall quarter to earlier in the year, perhaps during the prior spring
quarter (target for moving new student advising dates earlier is fall 2020). After much
discussion, the group believes this can be of benefit to students:
1) it will help students make more intentional decisions structured around academic
2) will remove a long-standing exception to COCC's mandatory advising policy and
therefore, provide less confusion; and
3) because summer and fall term advising are happening simultaneously, may encourage
some fall term students to take summer term classes, thereby expediting their path to their
academic goal.
Recommend implementing this change for all new certificate and degree-seeking students
starting in summer 2020.