Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management
Fall 2019
Background Information Form (BIF)
The Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management (DTM) is an intensive, practical and
academic program. The curriculum combines highly technical, scientific and business related
areas of study.
Program website:
Completion of all appropriate admission application components including academic transcripts
and this form are required for admission consideration. Admission decisions are based on both
academic performance (high
school and/or other post secondary grades) and the Background
Information Form (including any work experience, references, and question responses).
The University expects you to formulate all answers without assistance from others. Answer the
questions using complete sentences. No more than a short paragraph per question is required.
Please limit the length of your responses to the space allocated on this form. Proofread your
answers carefully with attention to spelling and grammar.
When you have completed the form, please save
it as a PDF if possible so that you can attach
it to an email for submission. Please keep a copy of your submission.
This form must be completed and emailed to Jill Johnson at:
For admission consideration, your Background Information Form should reach Jill Johnson
by February 15, 2019. Forms submitted later may be considered, space permitting.
If absolutely necessary, the form can be printed and mailed to:
Jill Johnson, Program Counsellor
Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management
OAC Dean's Office
Johnston Hall, Room 133A
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON N1G 2W1
You are encouraged to download the Background Information Form to your own computer/
account, and review all questions and components before responding to any one question.
Please include two references. Note: these references could include current or former
employer(s), guidance counsellor, teacher or coach.
Admission Process:
Official Admission information can be found at:
Experience in and understanding of the turfgrass industry are assets but not required.
Applicant Information
(if applicable)
U of G ID #
(if applicable)
Last name:
First name:
Postal Code:
Telephone: Email:
Reference #1
Address: City and
Telephone: Email:
Reference #2
Address: City and
Telephone: Email:
Note: References could include current or former employer(s), guidance counsellor, coach or teacher.
Background Information Form: Questions
Question 1: Why do you wish to pursue studies in the Associate Diploma in Turfgrass
Management (DTM)?
Question 2: What do you feel are critical skills that a turfgrass manager should possess?
Question 3: What particular skills, knowledge, and experiences do you have that you wish to
share with the DTM Admissions Committee?
Question 4: What will you do with a DTM from the University of Guelph? What are your career
and work plans?
Question 5: What experiences have you had (related or not related to turfgrass
management) that would make you a successful student?
Background Information Form - Application Reminder Check List:
Complete the appropriate admission application.
High school and external transfer applicants need to complete an OUAC Online Application.
Internal (U of G) applicants need to complete an Online Internal Transfer Application.
Alert references that you have submitted their contact information as part of this application
Proof read your entire Background Information Form
Submit your completed Background Information Form by emailing it as an attachment to
Jill Johnson at:
Question 6: Is there any other information you would like us to know?
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