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Referee Assessment Form
Applicant Name:
Degree Sought:
* ________________
Click the appropriate selections below to indicate the applicants ranking over a period of
several years, in a group of 100 students.
Background Preparation: *
Research Ability:
Judgement/Critical Sense:*
Verbal/Written Communication:*
Overall Evaluation:*
How long have you known the
applicant and in what ca
Would this applicant b
e admitt
ed to your graduate
Not Applicable
Unable to Judge
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Unable to Judge
Unable to Judge
Unable to Judge
Unable to Judge
Unable to Judge
Unable to Judge
Applicant Name: ___ ______________
If English is not the applicant’s first language, indicate whether they have sufficient competence
in English (including technical language specific to discipline).
Understands lectures conducted in English:
Communicate effectively in English:
Expresses themselves in written English:
Reads widely in English:
Applicant Name: ______________ ___
Comment on the suitability of the applicant for admission (Reference Letter) *
The University of Guelph reaffirms the Ontario Human Rights Code, 2009, which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of
Race, Colour, Ancestry, Creed (religion), Place of Origin, Ethnic Origin, Citizenship, Sex (including pregnancy, gender
identity), Sexual Orientation, Age, Marital Status, Family Status or Disability. All information in this form is confidential and
will not be released to the applicant.
Please submit this completed form to with the student's name in the subject line.
We are only able to accept this Referee Assessment Form if it is sent from the email identified on the
application. Alternatively, you can mail the document in a sealed, signed envelope to Office of Graduate
Studies, Level 3 University Centre, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1G 2W1.
Referee Name:*_
Position:* _______________________________________
Institution: * _______________________________________
__________________________________ Telephone:*___________________
*Required Fields
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