Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Fall 2019
Required Supplementary Admission Information
Dear Applicant:
Thank you for your interest and application to Landscape Architecture. In conjunction with the
admission of candidates to the BLA Degree Program and due to the large number of applications and
the limited number of spaces available, it is necessary that you complete and return this form. This
form is vital to your application and will be reviewed in detail by the Bachelor of Landscape
Architecture Admission Committee.
Applicant Information
Last name:
First name:
Middle name:
Postal Code:
Email Address:
Telephone #:
University of Guelph I.D. #:
Educational Background
(a) High School:
From (Year/Month):
To (Year/Month):
(b) University or College (if applicable):
From (Year/Month):
To (Year/Month):
(c) University or College (if applicable):
From (Year/Month):
To (Year/Month):
Background Information Form
Please respond to each of the following questions listed below. Extended answers to each
question should not be necessary if the answer is well thought through. Please use only the
space provided.
1. Why are you interested in a degree in landscape architecture?
2. How did you learn about landscape architecture?
3. What particular skills, knowledge and/or experience do you have that you think are important for
the BLA Admissions Committee to know about you?
4. How do you think landscape architecture can serve the world today?
5. Describe your vision of what you will do with a degree in Landscape Architecture.
Background Information Form Submission Deadline
The deadline date for receipt of the BIF is:
Secondary school applicants: March 1, 2019
College and University transfer applicants: May 1, 2019
In addition to filling out the BIF, you must also complete an application for admission to the BLA
degree program. Please refer to the Admission Services website at:
This form must be completed and emailed to:
If absolutely necessary, the form can be printed and mailed to:
BLA Admission Committee
Landscape Architecture Program
School of Environmental Design & Rural Development
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 2W1
If you encounter challenges with the electronic completion or submission of your BIF, please contact
Diana Foolen, at 519.824.4120 Ext. 56576 or through email at
You will receive an email that your BIF has been received but please keep a copy of your completed
form. We recommend that you check your "Sent Mail" folder to verify that your BIF was submitted
Thank you for helping us get to know you.
Martin J. Holland, Assistant Professor
BLA Program Coordinator | Faculty Advisor
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