86 Chapter 8: The Geography and History of Africa
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Chapter 8: e Geography and History of Africa
Section 4: Summary Activity
Section 4: Summary Activity
Directions: Answer each question in one or two complete sentences.
1. What led to unstable governments in Africa after independence?
2. How do unstable governments affect education?
3. Explain the gender gap in literacy and education between boys and girls in parts of Africa.
4. How does government instability and poverty affect the health care of the people of Africa?
5. What are the major causes of famine? How does famine affect the people of Africa?
6. What is HIV/AIDS and why has it devastated regions of Africa?
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Chapter 8: The Geography and History of Africa 87
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Directions: Read the information on AIDS in Africa and use the chart to answer the questions.
AIDS is not over, but it can be
“Huge progress has been made since 2000 and millions of lives have been saved. But there
are still important milestones to reach, barriers to break and frontiers to cross. The world
has agreed to meet a set of global targets by 2020 as part of UNAIDS Fast-Track strategy to
end the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat.” – UNAIDS.org
1. What is the 2020 estimate
for people living with HIV on
antiretroviral therapy?
2. What was the decrease in
AIDS-related deaths from 2000
until 2015?
3. How many new HIV cases
were there involving children in
the year 2015?
4. Overall, statistically, is the
work by UNAIDS and other
groups helping Africa?
Chart Credited www.UNAID.ORG
Directions: In a complete paragraph, explain why the United States uses tax dollars to help the people of
Africa. What does this say about the generosity of our nation to other people?