Chapter 7: Republic of Turkey 71
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Chapter 7: Republic of Turkey
Section 4: The Economy of Turkey
Section 4: Standard of Living
Directions: Analyze the chart, then answer the questions below.
Land Area
(sq. km)
(Per Capita)
Life Expectancy
Turkey 783,562 80,274,604 $21,100 74.8 9.8 %
United States 9,826,675 323,995,528 $57,300 79.8 4.7 %
Saudi Arabia 2,149,690 28,160,273 $54,100 75.3 11.2 %
Israel 20,770 8,174,527 $34,800 82.4 5 %
Egypt 1,001,450 94,666,993 $12,100 72.7 13.1 %
1. Which country is most comparable to Turkey in terms of land size and population? Why?
2. Where does Turkey compare to the United States in terms of per capita GDP? What is the difference?
3. On average, how much longer does a person in Israel live in comparison to a person in Turkey?
4. Where does Turkey rank in terms of the unemployment rate?
5. Overall, do you think that Turks enjoy a high, moderate, or low standard of living? Why?
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72 Chapter 7: Republic of Turkey
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Directions: For each question, write the letter of the BEST response on the line beside each question.
______ 1. For which currency would a person traveling from the United States to Turkey need to
exchange their dollars?
a. euros
b. liras
c. pesos
d. pounds
______ 2. What are grants of money toward a useful cause?
a. loans
b. mortgages
c. subsidies
d. taxes
______ 3. Which of the following is a form of human capital investment?
a. mining for gold
b. building a new restaurant
c. building a new university
d. creating a national presidential palace
______ 4. Which is the best example of an investment in capital goods?
a. a new school building
b. a new hospital building
c. a new presidential palace
d. a hydroelectric dam to produce electricity
Directions: Write a complete paragraph explaining the following prompt.
• Why is it important for Turkey to utilize its mineral resources? Give several examples.