Form PCT/RO/134 (July1998; reprint January 2004)
Authorized officer Authorized officer
This sheet was received with the international application
This sheet was received by the International Bureau on:
For International Bureau use only
For receiving Office use only
The indications listed below will be submitted to the International Bureau later (specify the general nature of the indications e.g., "Accession
Number of Deposit")
E. SEPARATE FURNISHING OF INDICATIONS (leave blank if not applicable)
C. ADDITIONAL INDICATIONS (leave blank if not applicable) This information is continued on an additional sheet
Date of deposit
Accession Number
Name of depositary institution
Address of depositary institution (including postal code and country)
A. The indications made below relate to the deposited microorganism or other biological material referred to in the description
on page ____________________________ , line ______________________________ .
D. DESIGNATED STATES FOR WHICH INDICATIONS ARE MADE (if the indications are not for all designated States)
(PCT Rule 13bis)
B. IDENTIFICATION OF DEPOSIT Further deposits are identified on an additional sheet
Applicant's or agent's
file reference
International application No.
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