Revised 8-17-18
Texas law requires that all courses (with the exception of certain foreign language
courses) in State colleges and universities be taught in English and that all faculty
members be proficient in the use of the English language (the relevant section of the
Texas Education code Sec. 51.917: In order that Lamar
University remains in compliance with this law, each new member of the instructional
personnel is asked to complete this form. As indicated in the law, it may be required that
an individual demonstrate English language proficiency by satisfactory performance on
an approved examination, or by satisfactory completion of an approved course.
Name Signature .
Department Date .
Title Tenure Track Non-Tenure
Semester of Employment .
Please check the category that most clearly describes your English language proficiency:
Native speaker of English
Near native speaker of English
Other level of English language competency (please explain): .
Return completed form to your Department Chair
Department Chair will copy and distribute this form as follows:
Dean of College
Provost & VPAA (original)