Revised 4/2020
College. _______________________Dept. ___________________ Semester _____ Year _____
Course Title __________________ Course Abbv. _________ Number ______ Section ______
Instructor ___________________________________ Current Enrollment __________
Last Semester offered ____________ Year __________ Enrollment in that course __________
Next Semester to be offered ______________ Year ___________
Is this course an overload for the faculty? YES NO What is the cost? ___________
Is this a required course in the program of study? YES NO
CB Justification Code(s) ____________ Rationale ____________________________________
Requested By: _________________________________________
Department Chair Date
Recommended By: _________________________________________
Academic Dean Date
Approved By: _________________________________________
Vice President for Academic Affairs Date
INSTRUCTIONS: This form is to be completed no later than after the second-class meeting and after it
has been ascertained that sections have not met minimum standards.
1. Required course for graduation. The course is not offered each semester (or term) and, if
cancelled, may affect the date of graduation of those enrolled.
2. Required course for majors in this field and should be completed this semester (or term) to keep
proper sequence in courses.
3. Course in newly established degree program, concentration, or support area.
4. Interdepartmental (cross-listed) courses taught as a small class by the same faculty at the same
station, provided that the combined courses do not constitute a small class.
5. First time offering of the course.
6. Class size limited by accreditation or state licensing standards.
7. Class size limited by availability of laboratory or clinical facilities.
8. Voluntarily offered by a faculty member in excess of the institutional teaching load requirement
and for which the faculty member received no additional compensation.