Lamar University Property Management Department
PO Box 10004 (409) 880-1886 or (409) 880-8898
This form is to be completed for any equipment that is removed from campus.
Department: ______________________________________________________________________
I, the undersigned, request authority to remove Lamar University property for the purpose of
performing official business of the University relating to my duties as an employee. I understand that
I assume responsibility for this equipment and if lost, damaged, or stolen, I shall be financially liable to
the State for the loss thus sustained by the State. _____ (Please Initial)
I certify that the equipment will be taken to and remain at the following (if multiple locations, list home address):
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________State:___________ Zip:_____________
When on campus, the equipment is located at ______________ building and _______ room number.
I will return the equipment by the date given here (date may not be later than August 31 of the current
fiscal year), or I will obtain written approval for an extension at the end of the fiscal year using this
same form.
Date of Return: August 31, ____________
*When the equipment is returned, I will send a copy of this form along with a memo stating that the
equipment has been returned and its current building and room number location on campus.
Lamar Tag #
Serial Number
Acquisition Cost
Employee Signature:________________________________________ ID #:___________________________________
Printed Name:_____________________________________________ Phone #: _______________________________
Dept. Property Custodian Signature:________________________________________________ Date:_______________
Printed Name:______________________________________________ Phone #: _______________________________
If Department Property Custodian is the requestor, his or her immediate supervisor is required to sign the form.
If equipment is loaned to another agency, this form requires the President or Agency Head’s approval of both agencies.
________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
Lamar University President’s Signature (Lending Agency) President or Agency Head’s Signature (Receiving Agency)
SPA SPREADSHEET Initials:___________ Date:___________ L DRIVE Initials:___________ Date:___________
Property Manager Signature:_____________________________________________________ Date:_______________
Revised: 01/14/2020
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