Lamar University Property Management Department
PO Box 10004 (409) 880-1886 or (409) 880-8898
This form is to be completed and returned to Property Management at the beginning of each fiscal year.
Email completed form to
If unable to scan, send to PO Box 10004.
Department: ___________________________________________________________________________
The Designated Department Property Custodian for Fiscal Year ________________ will be:
(type name of Property Custodian)
As Property Custodian, I am aware of my responsibility for the property management and control of university
property, and should ensure that:
all capital and controlled property is tagged,
property is used for University purposes only,
equipment is used for its intended purpose by property trained personnel,
property is not loaned, traded, discarded, moved, or cannibalized without approval of Property
property is not defaced or damaged in any way,
property is not returned to a vendor as a replacement or trade-in without prior approval of Property
Management, and
obsolete and excess property is turned in to Property Management for disposal.
NOTE: Assignment of responsibility for university property to another individual is documented as prescribed
by policy. All items located off-campus should be assigned to the individual requesting assignment, and a
Remove Equipment from Campus Request form submitted to Property Management and renewed annually.
I understand that, in accordance with State of Texas property management policy, I may be held financially
liable for loss or damage to University property under my control if the loss or damage results from negligence,
intentional wrongful act, or failure to exercise reasonable care in safeguarding, maintaining, or servicing that
property by myself or anyone I authorize.
(According to Texas Government Code Sec. 403.275)
Property Custodian Signature: __________________________________________ ID #: L2_____________
Printed Name: _______________________________________________________ Phone #: ____________
Division/College Administrator Signature: __________________________________ Date: _______________
Printed Name: _______________________________________________________ Phone #: ____________
SPA SPREADSHEET Initials:___________ Date:___________
Property Manager Signature:_____________________________________________________ Date:_______________
Revised: 01-14-2020
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