Our investigation of the circumstances surrounding the state property listed herein indicates reasonable cause to believe that the loss,
destruction, or damage to this property
: (Please check one box)
Lamar University Property Management Department
PO Box 10004 ● (409) 880-1886 or (409) 880-8898 logisticalsupport@lamar.edu
Missing, Damaged, or Stolen Property Investigation Report
Missing Property Damaged Property Stolen Property
Date: _______________________ Department: _______________________________ Building: ____________ Room #: _________
Property Tag #: ______________________Serial #: ____________________________________ Value: _______________________
Property Description: __________________________________________________________________________________________
When was the property determined to be missing or damaged? ________________________________________________________
What steps were taken to locate the missing property? _______________________________________________________________
Who was notified of the loss or damage, when and how? _____________________________________________________________
Was the loss due to a break in? __________________________________________________________________________________
Who had possession of the item? If not the property custodian of the department, what documentation is available showing transfer
or loan of the equipment? ______________________________________________________________________________________
If missing, who saw the property last? ______________________________________ Date the property last seen? ______________
Who has access to the area/property/keys? ________________________________________________________________________
How was the area/property secured? _____________________________________________________________________________
If missing from a vehicle, was the vehicle secured? ___________ If yes, were high-risk items placed out of plain sight? ____________
What procedures are in place to safeguard this property against loss or damage? __________________________________________
Were these procedures followed correctly? ____________ Was everything done to safeguard this equipment? _________________
Are all employees aware of their responsibility to exercise reasonable care of property? ____________________________________
What action has been taken to prevent further losses or damage? ______________________________________________________
A police report must be filed for all missing, damaged, or stolen property. Follow these steps to file a police report.
1. Call LUPD Dispatch at 880-8307 and ask to file a report.
2. An officer will follow-up with you and give you a case #. If possible, get copy of report to attach with this form.
3. List case number below and send this COMPLETED form to LogisticalSupport@Lamar.edu
or to PO Box 10004.
POLICE REPORT CASE NUMBER_________________________________
Completed by: _________________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Property Custodian’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Dean/Department Chair’s Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Vice President’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
□ SPA □ SPREADSHEET Initials:___________ Date:___________ □ L DRIVE Initials: _________ Date: ____________Revised: 01/14/2020
Office Use Only
WAS through the negligence of the person(s) charged with the
care and custody of this property.
WAS NOT through the negligence of the person(s) charged with
the care and custody of this property.