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12/58295 August 2012
Application under the Trade Wastes Bylaw of the Whangarei District
food premises
Office use
Date received
File no
Consent no
Issuing officer
Details of business (trade waste producer)
Name of business
Street address
Postal address
Phone no
Nature of activity generating trade waste
Name and address of applicant (if different from above)
Phone no
Details of trade waste discharge
Type of application
Proposed discharge Existing discharge with no consent
Consent renewal
Consent number
Variation of existing discharge
Type of variation
12/58295 August 2012
Volume and rate of discharge
Daily volume (m
or meals per hour (peak)
Daily/seasonal variation
Proposed method of flow measurement:
Calibrated meter Manufacturer’s specification Other (please specify)
Drainage layout
Does the system include a macerator/grinder unit?
Yes No
Is there a pre-treatment system (e.g. grease trap or similar)
Yes No
If yes, please specify (type, volume, frequency of clean-outs)
Number of toilet pans and urinals on site
Diameter of sewer being discharged into
Please include as-built plans or sketch of drainage layout
Additional information
Please include any supporting information you may have, i.e. material safety data sheets for chemicals,
existing resource consents, evidence of pre-treatment maintenance, etc
Compliance statement (to be completed by executive representative of registered company)
The discharge referred to in this application complies with all conditions of the Trade Waste Bylaw 2008. The
discharge does not contain any substances which are specifically prohibited under Schedule 1B of the Trade
Waste Bylaw 2008. I understand that under Section 4.10.2(d) of this bylaw, failure to limit trade waste
discharges to within the parameters specified in Whangarei District Council’s Trade Waste Consent or
Special Agreement issued under this bylaw can be reasonable grounds for cancellation of this consent.
Name (please print)
Designation (please print)
Business name (please print)
Application checklist
All sections completed
Yes No
Additional documents attached
Yes No
Drainage plan/sketch attached
Yes No
Application signed
Yes No
Please note - Application fee(s) apply.
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