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06/337717 June 2013
Affected parties written approval
Written approval of affected parties in accordance with Section 95E of the Resource Management Act 1991.
PART A - To be completed by applicant
Name of party applying for resource consent
I am applying to Whangarei District Council for resource consent to
Property address
Legal description
Notes to applicant
1 Written consent must be obtained from all registered owners and occupiers.
2 If you wish, to assist your neighbours to understand the effects of the proposal by providing scale models or
marking out the size and height of the development on the property.
3 Council may impose conditions on any approved resource consent to avoid, remedy or mitigate any adverse
effects generated by the proposed activity.
The original copy of this signed form and signed plan(s) as well as signed assessment of environmental effects
are to be supplied to Whangarei District Council.
PART B - To be read by the party giving approval
If giving approval, please only sign and date on the reverse of this form once you have carefully read
and understood all the eight (8) notes below
Notes to party giving written approval
You should only sign in the place provided on the reverse of this form if you fully understand the proposal, and
if you support or have no opposition to the proposal you have been asked to consider. Council will not accept
conditional approvals. If you have conditions on your approval, these should be discussed and resolved with the
applicant directly.
2 Under Section 104 (3)(b) of the Resource Management Act 1991 when you give your consent to an application,
Council cannot take into consideration any actual or potential effects of the proposed activity on you.
3 You are under no obligation to sign the consent form or any development plans for the proposed activity.
4 If you do not give your consent to an application, Council may publicly notify the application, which will provide
you with an opportunity to make a submission to Council on the application and attend a Council hearing to
speak in support of your submission.
5 If you have any concerns about giving your consent, or need help understanding this proposal, please feel free to
contact the duty planner on 09 430 4200.
6 You may also obtain your own professional advice on the application before deciding whether or not to give your
consent to the proposal.
7 It is acceptable for you to request that you be given some time to consider the application before you decide
whether or not to give your consent to the proposal.
Your approval can be withdrawn at any time before Council makes its formal notification decision. Once their
decision is made, you are no longer able to withdraw it
06/337717 June 2013 2
PART C - To be completed by the party giving approval
If giving approval, please only sign and date below once you have carefully read and understood all
seven (7) notes below
Please answer all questions fully
Name of party giving approval
being the owner/occupier of the property below (please identify which)
Property address(including legal description)
Postal address
1 I am/we are the owner(s) occupiers of the property (please )
2 Please note - In most instances Council will require the approval of the legal owners and the
occupiers of the affected property
Do you have authority to sign on behalf of any person Yes No
Who do you have authority to sign on behalf of all the owners all the occupiers
3 I/we understand that the aspects of non-compliance with the Operative District Plan to which I/we are
giving my/our written approval are as follows
(continue on separate page if necessary)
Have you attached a separate page(s) to this form
Yes No
If yes, how many pages have you attached
4 I/we confirm that I/we understand and have signed and dated the plans of the proposal and the
assessment of environmental effects prepared by the applicant and the relevant rules of the Operative
District Plan, and have attached the signed documents to this form.
5 I/we understand and accept once I/we give my/our approval the Consent Authority (Council) cannot
take account of any actual or potential effect of the activity and/or proposal upon me/us when
considering the application and the fact that any such effect may occur shall not be relevant grounds
upon which the Consent Authority may refuse to grant the application.
6 Further, I/we understand that at any time before the notification decision is made on the application,
I/we may give notice in writing to Council that this approval is withdrawn.
7 I/we understand the eight (8) notes included on the front of this form.
All owners and occupiers of the property must give their written approval
by signing and dating below
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