Car Park Facility Application
Council has a limited number of reserved and/or monthly concession cards available for the Vinery
Lane, Water Street and Hatea East Drive carpark.
Please carefully read and understand the Terms and conditions on page 2 of this application.
I wish to apply for car parking at (please
appropriate box)
Vinery Lane Car Park
Monthly concession card
Railway Car park
Reserved Railway Parking Card
Water Street Car Park
Monthly concession card
Hatea East Car Park
Monthly concession card
Account details for payment will be noted on your invoice, Direct Debit is preferred.
Business phone
Start date
Driver’s licence no
Vehicle registration
Vehicle make, model & colour
I have read and accepted the terms and conditions attached
Debtor number
Office Use
Parking Card Number
Customer Services Officer
Recurring Charge Setup Attachment
February 2020 1
Terms and conditions
Fees may change as per Council policy.
This permit is for long term parking only 6 months or more.
Parking cannot commence until a card has been issued.
Parking cards must be displayed clearly on the vehicle dash board or on the left-hand side of
the windscreen by registration sticker.
Fees are to be paid monthly in advance. Unpaid accounts will be deemed closed. The parking
card will be cancelled accordingly and infringement notice may be issued. Note that Council’s
preferred method of payment is Direct Debit.
To cancel permit(s) must be returned to Whangarei District Council, Customer Services
Reception desk, Forum North building. Invoicing of this account will not cease and you will be
liable for all costs until permit(s) returned.
If you change the vehicle you drive, please contact Customer Services at Forum North or call
09 430 4200 to amend your card.
Unauthorised vehicles may be towed, clamped or ticketed at owner’s expense.
Council accepts no responsibility for the safe custody of, or any damage incurred to vehicles in
any car park.
Council reserves the right to increase parking charges, as per the Council policy of the day.
Reserved Parks vehicles must be parked in the allocated space.
Concession Card this entitles the holder to park in any non-reserved spaces but is subject to
availability only. Council does not guarantee that a parking space will be
available in the appropriate facility.
To Cancel Your parking card and a completed cancellation form must be returned to
Whangarei District Council, Customer Services-Reception desk, Forum North
February 2020 2
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