State System of Higher Education
Application for Visiting Student Status
Have you completed a minimum of 12 credits at your home institution? Yes No
Yes NoAre you in good academic standing (cumulative GPA 2.0 or better)?
The Visiting Student policy requires that you answer Yes to both questions listed above. If you are unable to answer yes to
both questions, you are not eligible to take a course(s) invoking the policy at this time.
Part I - To be filled out by student applying for visiting student status.
Not Hispanic or Latino
American Indian or Alaska Native Asian
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander White
First Name: Middle: Last Name:
University/Local Address: Cell/Day Phone No.:
E-mail Address:
Legal/Permanent Address:
Yes NoUS Citizen: Legal PA Resident? Yes/County No
Student's Home University:
University Visiting:
Visiting for Semester/Year:
List the course(s) you intend to enroll in as a visiting student:
Home University
Course Equivalency
University Course
Home University
Course Equivalency
University Course
My signature acknowledges that I have spoken with my advisor or department chair and have approval to transfer the course(s) listed
above to my home institution; have read and understand the Visiting Student policy; understand that visiting student status does not
guarantee housing at the visiting university; and authorizes the release of my transcript by the visiting university to my home university.
I also understand that the grades will be accepted in full by my home university and will be included in my home university credits,
GPA, and residency. I understand this form cannot be recinded after the semester/term/session begins.
Student's Signature Date
Advisor or Department Chair
Part II: The information listed in Part I is accurate and has been verified by the Registrar or Dean of the student's
home university.
Home University Registrar/Dean
Host Campus Registrar
Part III: The visiting student is admitted and registered at the Visiting University.
Visiting University Registrar: Return copies of this form to Home University and Student.
Date of Birth:
Male FemaleGender:
ie. Fall 2015
Hispanic or Latino
What is your Ethnicity?
Social Security No.
Home University ID#:
What is your Race? Mark one or more races to indicate what you consider yourself to be:
Policy 1991-03: Visiting Student Program
Adopted: July 18, 1991
A. Purpose
1. To facilitate undergraduate student enrollment at institutions of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
to take advantage of courses available across the System, without loss of institutional residency, eligibility for
honors or athletics, or credits toward graduation at the home institution.
B. Standards
1. The student must be matriculated at the home university with a minimum of 12 college-level credits and be in
good academic standing.
2. Students may take a maximum of 24 credits via the Visiting Student Policy.
3. The student who presents evidence of good standing at the home university will be allowed to register for courses
at other PASSHE universities. The visiting student priority level for registration will be determined by each
4. All credits and grades accrued at other PASSHE universities shall be accepted in full by the home university and
thereafter treated as home university credits, residency, and grades.
It is the responsibility of the student to work with the student's advisor at the home institution regarding
applicability of credits towards graduation requirements at the home institution consistent with PASSHE
b. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the Visiting Student Notification Form and submit to the
home institution prior to enrolling in courses at another PASSHE institution.
c. Students cannot use the Visiting Student Program to repeat courses.
d. Students cannot use the Visiting Student Program for internship or practica that are required for licensure or
certification without the express written permission of their appropriate university officials at the home
university and placement availability at the requested institution.
5. The student shall register at, and pay tuition and fees to, the State System University visited. A student wishing to
divide a course load between two institutions during the same term shall register and pay appropriate tuition and
fees at both universities.
6. The Office of the Chancellor will work with universities to establish and publish procedures to identify visiting
students such that financial aid, residency, eligibility for honors, eligibility of athletics and credits to graduation are
A. Effective Date - July 18, 1991
B. Amended Date - June 25, 2010