Academic Renewal Form
Office of the Registrar—Clarion University of Pennsylvania 4/2019 The academic renewal policy went into effect Fall semester 1993.
The academic renewal policy permits first baccalaureate undergraduate students who return to Clarion University after a minimum three-year absence the
one-time option of having D and E/F coursework excluded from their grade point average (GPA) calculation. Students enrolled in a bachelor's degree
program may have up to 18 semester hours excluded from their GPA calculation. Students enrolled in an associate's degree program may have up to 9
semester hours excluded from their GPA calculation. Removal of D grades also
removes credits earned. These semester hours must have been completed
at Clarion University prior to readmission. The courses, grades, and probationary actions will remain on the transcript with an appropriate notation of
academic renewal approved. Grades from all course work excluding the courses approved for academic renewal will be used in calculating eligibility for
graduation with honors. Reentering under this policy, students must successfully complete a minimum of 30 hours before receiving a baccalaureate
degree. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 15 hours before receiving an associate degree. Once Academic Renewal is approved, it
cannot be removed from your academic record.
Name Clarion ID
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Current Major Indicate the term of readmission
Beginning and ending dates for the minimum 3 year period of absence ________________________________________
Indicate your semester grade point average for the first term after readmission ________________
Indicate what D and E/F courses you want excluded from your GPA:
Course Number Title Credits Grade
Term Completed
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Student’s Signature
Date ____
*Students who were in academic progress difficulty for financial aid purposes will remain in satisfactory academic progress unless deficient credits are made up prior to
the first semester that the student returns to Clarion. The student must have a 2.0 GPA. Removal of up to 18 credits of D’s and E/F’s may achieve the required 2.0 GPA. All
other current financial aid requirements are in effect each semester that the student enrolls at Clarion. If you have questions regarding this statement, please contact
Student Financial Services (SFS) office at (814)393-2315.
Disclaimer: Academic Renewal by Clarion University does not guarantee that other institutions or employers will accept the standards of said policy. Many graduate and
professional degree programs disregard undergraduate institutional policies, and compute the undergraduate GPA utilizing all hours attempted when determining
admission. Clarion University makes no guarantees as to how employers, certifying agencies, or other higher education institutions, including graduate school,
professional schools and their common application systems (CAS), or other offices interpret the transcript of a student utilizing the Academic Renewal policy.
It is the student’s responsibility to determine the implications of the Academic Renewal GPA for each institutions’ admissions process.
Academic Renewal Instructions
1. Requests for academic renewal should be submitted upon
completion of 12 semester hours after readmission with a minimum
semester GPA of 2.0. All conditions of the academic renewal policy
must be satisfied before academic renewal will be approved.
2. Students must type directly on this form or print legibly.
3. Return form to:
In Person: Clarion Campus By mail: Clarion University
Registrar’s Office Registrar’s Office
148 Becht Hall 840 Wood Street
Fax: 814-393-2039 Clarion PA 16214
Check That The Following Conditions Have Been Met Before Applying for Academic Renewal:
Academic renewal is only available for Undergraduate students.
Students must have a minimum 3 year absence since their last date of attendance.
Students must c
omplete a minimum of 12 semester hours with a grade point average of
2.0 in their first 12 semester hours of study after readmission while on provisional status.
Students who do not achieve a minimum 2.0 while on provisional status are not eligible for
academic renewal.
Academic renewal may only be requested prior to receipt of the undergraduate degree at
Clarion University.
For Office Use Only
Adjusted Earned Hours __________ Adjusted Quality Hours __________ Adjusted Quality Points __________ Adjusted Cumulative QPA _________
Signature of Registrar Date
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