Office of the Registrar - Clarion University of Pennsylvania 6/2017
Credit by Examination Form
(Used for students who appear to possess a proficiency equal to or greater than that required in a particular course.)
Name ________________________________________________________ Clarion ID ________________________________________
Subject/Catalog#/Title ___________________________________________________________________ Credits _________________
Student’s Signature __________________________________________________ Date _______________________________________
Approval is granted to complete the examination by:
_____________________________________________________________________ The Chair of the subject area concerned will determine the validity of the application.
Department Chair Date
Student successfully completed the examination on _______________
and is to be awarded credit on _________________.
Student did not successfully complete the examination on ____________________.
Signature of individual evaluating examination
Credit by Examination Instructions
1. Students must type directly on this form or print legibly.
2. Obtain department chair's signature.
3. Return form to:
Clarion Campus Venango Campus
148 Becht Hall Venango Administration
Fax: 814-393-2039 200 Frame Hall
Check that you have met the following qualifications:
Students must be enrolled at Clarion in the semester they are
taking the test.
First semester freshmen must have scored 585 or above on
the Evidence Based reading and writing SAT.
Students other than first semester freshmen must have a
cumulative grade-point average of 2.50 or above.