Request to Register for Graduate Level
Courses for Undergraduate Credit
Undergraduate students at Clarion University with a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 are eligible to
apply to enroll in graduate level courses and earn undergraduate credit. Please note that these courses cannot be used for
a graduate level program. Please see requirements and directions on the back of this form.
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I am requesting permission to take graduate level coursework for undergraduate credit for the
semester or Summer
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Updated October 2018
equirements and Directions
Request to Register for Graduate Level Courses for Undergraduate Credit
This form is intended undergraduate students at Clarion University who wish to register for a graduate level course for
undergraduate credit. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students who are interested in this option are
advised to meet with their undergraduate academic advisor. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE COURSES CANNOT BE USED FOR
A GRADUATE LEVEL PROGRAM. Information is also available from the Office of the Registrar.
Graduate areas of study reserve the right to limit student enrollment in graduate-level programs. Some graduate-level
courses may have prerequisites and/or course expectations that prohibit the enrollment of undergraduate students.
Students should speak with the appropriate academic graduate program coordinator for information regarding eligibility
to enroll in a specific graduate course.
Please review the directions and requirements listed below:
1. File the “Request to Register for Graduate Level Courses for Undergraduate Credit” form during the registration
period for the intended semester. (The form is good for only one semester at a time; therefore, students are not
automatically eligible to register for graduate coursework for undergraduate credit the following semester.)
2. Courses to be taken must be identified on the application form before signatures and final approval. No substitutes
are permitted.
3. Students may not take more than two graduate-level courses per semester.
4. This form requires the signatures of the undergraduate advisor, department chair, and the dean of the
undergraduate program.
5. Tuition and fees: undergraduate students taking graduate courses for undergraduate credit will be charged
undergraduate tuition and fees for all courses.
6. Return the completed, signed form to 148 Becht Hall.
Clarion University is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer. 7/17