Office of the Registrar-Clarion University of PA 11/18
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Application for Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Program
Instructions: Please complete all information on the form and obtain the required signatures. Once
complete, return to the Registrar’s Office for processing. You must also apply to the graduate program.
See reverse side for specific details.
Student Name: _____________________________________________ Clarion ID: _________________
Current Major: _____________________________________________
Cumulative GPA: ____________ Total hours earned: ___________ Local Phone: _________________
Semester starting graduate coursework: ____________________________
Semester expected to start full admission to graduate program: _____________________________
Indicate the accelerated bachelor’s program you wish to pursue: _______________________________
(Must be an approved program. See
students/index.html for the list)
Please list the approved graduate courses you plan to take (courses permitted depend on the program):
Course Prefix Course Number Course Title
___________ ______________ __________________________________________
___________ ______________ __________________________________________
___________ ______________ __________________________________________
___________ ______________ __________________________________________
Please note: You must email Terri Corbett (
) in the Registrar’s Office, to be
registered for the above course(s) that you intend to take each semester.
Student Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Undergraduate Advisor Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______________
Graduate Program Coordinator Signature: _____________________________ Date: ______________
In order for students enrolled in an undergraduate program to be eligible for Federal and State
financial aid to cover the graduate level course(s), the graduate course must count in the evaluation of
their degree using the degree audit to be counted as part of the student’s program of study. An
elective course will count as long as open elective hours exist for the student in their program of study.
Office of the Registrar-Clarion University of PA 11/18
Accelerated Bachelors to Masters Policy
1) To facilitate undergraduate students getting an early start on a graduate degree (limited
to specific programs).
1. The student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be accepted into an accelerated program
and must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to remain in the program.
2. The student must submit the graduate application and all requested documents required
by the department. Applicants must meet all departmental admission requirements,
which may differ from the standards for general graduate students. Student should
apply at the end of their sophomore year. No application fee is required. If admission is
recommended, students receive a contingent offer of admission. Full admission will be
granted upon conferral of the undergraduate degree and meeting all departmental
3. The student must be at least junior standing to take graduate coursework as part of the
accelerated program.
4. The student is limited to a maximum of 6 credits at the graduate level per term.
5. All pre-requisites for the intended graduate courses must be satisfied prior to taking
those graduate courses.
6. Students are considered undergraduates until the undergraduate degree is conferred
and thereby held to the policies in the Undergraduate Catalog. Once the undergraduate
degree is conferred, students are considered graduate students and held to policies in
the Graduate Catalog.
7. Grades earned in graduate courses taken as an undergraduate in an accelerated program
will be counted in the undergraduate grade point average. The courses taken as part of
the accelerated program will also count towards the cumulative grade point average on
your graduate transcript.
8. Only graduate courses approved for the accelerated program can be taken to satisfy the
undergraduate degree.
9. Eligible graduate coursework taken by undergraduate students in accelerated programs
will be charged at the undergraduate tuition rate and may be eligible for undergraduate
financial aid and scholarships. Once the undergraduate degree is conferred and the
student is considered a graduate student, students will be charged the graduate tuition
rate and may be eligible for graduate financial aid and scholarships.
10. Failure to demonstrate adequate progress in graduate courses, as defined by the
department, or failure to maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average will result in a
student being ineligible to continue in the accelerated program