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RCMP GRC 3953e (2016-05) Page 1 of 1
Request to Purge Absolute and / or Conditional Discharge
Please print legibly.
Requester Information
Name and Full Mailing Address of Requester
I am hereby requesting the purge of my absolute discharge and / or conditional discharge from the central repository of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Type of Discharge
Absolute Conditional
Date of Discharge - Approximate date, if actual date unknown (yyyy-mm-dd)
Type of Offences Committed
Name Under which the Sentence was Rendered
Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd) Residence Telephone Number Business Telephone Number
Signature Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Mail or send by facsimile to:
Legislative Conformity
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Box 8885
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3M8
Facsimile: 613-957-9063
Submission Instructions
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