Information Sheet: Declaration of Authority to Act on Behalf of an Estate
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Before you Start…
If you have come into possession of firearms, ammunition,
explosives etc. and are concerned for your safety or the safety
of others please contact your local police.
Firearms Safety
Please Note
For public safety reasons, it is important that firearms and
ammunition be handled in a safe and secure manner. It is important
to store, transport and display firearms safely to deter loss, theft and
prevent accidents.
General information on the storage, display and transportation of
firearms can be found on our website. For legal references, please
refer to the Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of
Firearms by Individuals Regulations.
Provincial, territorial and municipal laws, regulations and by-laws may
also apply.
Use this form if you have the authority to act on the behalf of the
estate of a deceased individual regarding firearms. In addition to this
form you will need to provide a copy of the deceased's
Death Certificate.
This form must be completed and returned to the Canadian Firearms
Program before any transactions involving a deceased individual's
firearms can be processed.
You must complete all sections of this form and provide the required
copy of the Death Certificate, failure to do so will result in delays.
This form is required before the Canadian Firearms Program can
complete processes such as:
If you need help completing this form or require another form call
1 800 731-4000. Additional information and some forms are also
available on our website.
Application to transfer firearms
Application to de-activate a firearm
The following information explains certain parts of the form and
will help you answer some of the questions. You should read the
instructions as you fill in your form. If you are still unsure about a
question, call 1 800 731-4000 for assistance.
Mail your completed application form and all attachments to:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
P.O. Box 1200
Miramichi NB E1N 5Z3
A - Personal Information of the Deceased
Provide all the requested information regarding the deceased.
Boxes 1 a), b) and c)
Please do not use initials or nicknames. The deceased's, last, first and
middle name must be written in full. Junior (Jr.) or Senior (Sr.) can
only be used if they form part of deceased's legal name.
Boxes 3
Provide the deceased's firearms licence number if known.
B - Personal Information of the Executor of the Estate
Please note that in Quebec, the Executor of an Estate is referred
to as the Liquidator of the Succession.
Provide all requested information regarding the individual declaring
themselves to be the executor (liquidator of the succession).
Boxes 5 a), b) and c)
Please do not use initials or nicknames. Your last, first and middle
name must be written in full. Junior (Jr.) or Senior (Sr.) can only be
used if they form part of your legal name.
Box 8 a) Street or land location
If you live in a rural area and do not have an address with a street
number and name, provide your rural address (for example: lot and
concession number). If you live on a reserve, provide the reserve
number, or if you live in an Inuit community, provide your house
number, box number or lot number. If your legal land location is
unavailable please provide a general description of your home
location e.g. 2 km east of route 6.
RCMP GRC 6016e (2017-12-08) Information Sheet 1 of 2
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Information Sheet: Declaration of Authority to Act on Behalf of an Estate
C - Copy of Death Certificate
In order to confirm that the registered firearm owner is deceased a
copy of the death certificate must be provided. If not included with this
form it will need to be provided at a later date.
Please check the provided box if you have included a copy of the
Death Certificate with this form.
Before mailing your application, have you...
answered all relevant questions?
signed and dated the declaration?
attached a copy of the Death Certificate (if you have not already
provided it)?
Note: To act as the executor (liquidator of the succession) you may
generally possess firearms left in an estate for a reasonable amount of
time while the estate is being settled, even if you are not personally
licensed to possess them. If a court has prohibited you from
possessing firearms, you cannot take possession of firearms left in an
estate, but you can still act as the executor in transferring the firearms
to someone who can lawfully acquire them. Heirs to the estate will
require a firearm licence before you can transfer any firearm to them.
This includes yourself, if you are also an heir.
RCMP GRC 6016e (2017-12-08) Information Sheet 2 of 2
Protected A
once completed
For Administrative Use
Declaration of Authority to Act on Behalf of an Estate
A - Personal Information of the Deceased
1. a) Last Name 1. b) First Name 1. c) Middle Name
2. Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd) 3. Firearms Licence Number (if known) 4. Date of Death (yyyy-mm-dd)
B - Personal Information of the Executor of the Estate (Liquidator of the Succession)
5. a) Last Name 5. b) First Name 5. c) Middle Name
6. Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd) 7. Firearms Licence Number (if applicable)
Home Address
You must provide the physical location where you live.
8. a) Street or Land Location 8. b) Apt./Unit
8. c) City 8. d) Province/Territory 8. e) Country 8. f) Postal Code
9. Telephone Number
Mailing Address
Your mailing address is the address where you receive your mail. Mailing address is the same as home address.
10. a) Street / Rural Route / PO Box Number 10. b) Apt./Unit
10. c) City 10. d) Province/Territory 10. e) Country 10. f) Postal Code
C - Copy of Death Certificate
I have attached a copy of the Deceased's Death Certificate.
D - Declaration
It is an offence under section 106 of the Firearms Act to knowingly make a false or misleading statement, either orally or in writing, or to knowingly fail
to disclose relevant information, for the purpose of obtaining a licence, registration certificate or authorization.
I hereby declare that the information provided on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I have legal authority to act on behalf of the estate
of the individual identified in this document as the Deceased, in regards to the transfer of any firearms currently held by the estate.
Executor's Signature (Liquidator of the Succession) Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Information contained in this application is obtained under the authority of the Firearms Act. The information will be used to determine eligibility and
to administer and enforce the firearms legislation. In addition to the provisions in the Firearms Act, individual rights regarding personal information
are governed by the appropriate federal, provincial or territorial legislation governing access to information and privacy rights.
RCMP GRC 6016e (2017-12-08) Page 1 of 1
Attention: Read the Information Sheet for explanations. Use a check mark to indicate your answers (where required). Print clearly in blue or black ink.
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