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Page 1 of 1Form 1753 (Rev. 07/17)
Over Axle and Over Gross Weight
Tolerance Permit Bond
being a surety company authorized to do business in the state of Texas, are held and firmly bound unto the Texas
Department of Transportation and to the counties of this state in the penal sum of Fifteen Thousand and No/100
($15,000) dollars, to the payment of which, will and truly be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors,
administrators, and assigns.
The conditions of the above obligations are such that:
NOW, THEREFORE, the above named Principal will make payment to the Texas Department of Transportation
and to the counties of this state for any and all damages that may be sustained to any highway under the jurisdiction of
the Texas Department of Transportation Commission or of the County Commissioners Court of any county by virtue of
the operation of any equipment of the Principal for which a permit is issued to operate under the provisions of
Transportation Code, Section 623.011.
PROVIDED, HOWEVER, the Surety shall notify the Department and the Principal in writing promptly after any
payment is made by the Surety in respect to this bond and regardless of the number of years this bond may remain in
force and the number of claims which may be made against this bond, the liability of the Surety shall not be cumulative
and the aggregate liability of the Surety for any and all claims, suits, or actions under this bond shall not exceed the
amount stated above.
Any revisions of the bond amount shall not be cumulative.
County of
That we,
(Street or Box Number) (City)
as Principal, whose address is
(State, Zip Code)
as Surety,
begin on the
day of , .
IN WITNESS WHEREOF said Principal and Surety have executed this bond and the effective date to
This bond shall remain in full force and effect, subject to the following conditions:
It is agreed that as of
, this bond shall be in full force and
effect indefinitely and that a continuation or renewal certificate is unnecessary.
The Surety may at any time cancel this bond by giving thirty days written notice to the Texas
Department of Transportation, the Surety, however, remaining liable for any defaults under this
bond committed prior to the expiration of such thirty-day period.
Bond Number
For Internal Use Only
Principal Signature