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Federal Disaster Relief Permit
Phone: 800/299-1700
FAX: 512/465-4248
Section 1 - Customer Information
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Permit Start Date
The Federal Disaster Relief Permit is issued only when the President of the United States has declared a national emergency or major
The permit is issued for legal width, height and length, and up to 160,000 lbs. gross weight.
Any single axle,regardless of tire size, may not exceed 21,500 lbs.
Two axle groups may not exceed 43,000 lbs.
Three axle groups may not exceed 53,000 lbs. (wheelbase more than 8 feet and less than 13 feet)
Permit valid only for vehicles traveling to and within the geographical area covered by the emergency declaration to either:
- Assist in expediting debris removal from the roadways, staging areas, or temporary structure locations
(permit is not valid for loads leaving the area with the exception of those removing debris), or
- Deliver relief supplies (the entire load must consist of relief supplies). Relief supplies include but are not limited to,
medicine, medical equipment, food supplies (including for livestock), water, and materials for building temporary
Permit expires 120 days from the date of the President's declaration.
Section 2 - Permit Conditions
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles maintains the information collected through this form. With few exceptions, you are entitled upon request to be
informed about the information that we collect about you. Under Sections 552.020, 552.023 and 559.004 of the Texas Government Code, you are entitled
to receive and review the information, and to have us correct erroneous information.
For more information, visit our web site at For comments concerning the application process for a Federal Disaster Relief Permit,
contact (800) 299-1700 or email
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Section 3 - Vehicle Report