Application for
Mobile Traders Licence
Name of applicant:
Postal address:
Contact person:
Type of product sold:
Will food for human consumption be sold from this vehicle? Yes No
If yes, please attach a copy of your certificate of registration for either your Food Control Plan or National Programme.
Location of shop/stall:
Vehicle registration:
Yes No
Do you have a sign?
Yes No
What size is the sign?
Period licence is required:
1 day to 1 month
$25 for one day to one month
$25 for each subsequent month
29 Bowler Avenue, Gore 9710
PO Box 8, Gore 9740
Phone 03 209 0330
Fax 03 209 0357
Email info@goredc.govt.nz
Office use:
Fee paid Yes No
Permit issued Yes No
The following conditions apply to every applicant
Meaning of mobile trading
1. “Mobile Trading” excludes a street stall but includes:
a. Hawking
b. Trading from a mobile shop
c. Trading as a mobile commercial service
Duration and renewal
2. Every licence shall be issued for a period of not more than 12 months.
3. Prior to the expiry of any licence a licence holder may make application for renewal.
Provided the licence holder has complied with the conditions of the licence and on payment
of the prescribed fee, the licence shall be renewed upon such terms and conditions as the
Council may consider appropriate for up to 12 months.
Licence to be carried and displayed
4. Every licence holder shall carry the licence and prominently display the licence at all times
while engaged in mobile trading and the licence holder shall show the licence to any Officer
on demand.
Licence transfer/change of business
5. The licence is not transferable in respect of the licence holder (person) or the business and a
licence holder shall not authorise any person or business other than that named therein to
carry on the mobile trade.
Licence may be revoked
6. A Mobile Trading Licence may be revoked by the Council if the holder:
a. Permits a breach of any provision of this bylaw or any other law; or
b. Fails to observe the conditions of the Mobile Trading Licence; or
c. Permits any unlicensed person to operate as a mobile trader in connection with the
mobile trading operation usually carried out by the licence holder.
Hours of trade
7. The hours during which the trader may operate will be specified on each licence. You must
not operate during the hours of darkness.
8. The licence holder shall cause as little obstruction as possible to the legitimate use of any
property. No part of the mobile trade shall be permitted to cause a hazard to the public.
9. The licence holder shall take all reasonable steps to prevent a nuisance from occurring as a
result of their operation.
Metered park and designated commercial area
10. The licence holder shall not operate the mobile trade from a metered park unless the
express approval of the Council has been granted.
11. A licence holder shall not operate on any footpath or other public place within the
designated commercial areas.
12. A licence holder shall not stand or permit their mobile trade to stand or remain stationary
on any formed road within the designated commercial area for any period longer than 1
hour, unless prior approval is obtained at the time application is made for the licence.
Trade near similar permanent business
13. The licence holder shall not operate the mobile trade within 100m of a permanent business
premises selling a similar product or service during the hours of operation of the mobile
Trading on a Reserve
14. The licence holder shall not operate the mobile trade on a reserve unless approval is
obtained from a Council Manager at the time application if made for the licence. Additional
costs for use of a reserve may apply pursuant to the Reserve Management Plan.
15. A licence holder shall have no more than one freestanding sign associated with their mobile
trade. The maximum area of the sign shall not exceed 2m
. The sign shall be located only
where approved by Council. Council will approve the sign location at the time of application.
Signs are prohibited from the median strip of the road. Any other signage must be directly
attached to the mobile trade vehicle or table.
Relocation on request
16. A licence holder, upon being requested to do so by any Constable or Officer, shall
a. Move from the public place where they may for the time being be operating to any
other part of such public place, or to any other public place.
b. Move from the footpath or public place any sign associated with the mobile trade to
any other part of such footpath or public place, or remove the sign entirely.
Liability for agents
17. The named licence holder shall be liable for all actions of agents or representatives in the
exercise of rights under this licence.
Council may limit trading
18. Without limiting the Council’s right to include conditions in Mobile Trading Licences, it may
by resolution prohibit all holders of such licences from trading:
a. in particular places; or
b. at particular times; or
c. in particular goods and services
On-going compliance
19. For the licence to be valid, all conditions and requirements must be fully complied with.
Any breach of conditions without the permission of the Council or an Officer may be held to
invalidate and terminate the licence from the date of such breach.
Other legislation/food safety
20. All relevant legislation shall be complied with prior to the commencement of the mobile
trade. Where food is sold, consultation with the appropriate Council staff will be necessary.
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