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Electrical Permit
Building Services
Complete this form to submit at City Hall. Or, use to submit your application 100% online.
Use this checklist to help gather all the required information and documents in order to submit a complete Electrical
Permit Application.
Electrical Permit Application (completely filled out)
For residential roof-mounted solar panels, use the Electrical Permit Checklist for Residential Solar Photovoltaic
Systems instead of this checklist.
Where outdoor mechanical equipment is being installed, and a separate mechanical permit has not yet been
obtained, provide the following. (For paper submittal, provide 2 copies.)
Site plan showing location of outdoor equipment, in relation to property lines.
Roof plan showing location of roof-mounted mechanical equipment.
Building elevations showing size and height of roof-mounted or building-mounted mechanical equipment.
Electrical plans (not required for one and two-family dwellings). Show the following, as applicable. See backside of
Electrical Permit Application for when electrical plans are required. (For paper submittal, provide 2 copies.)
North arrow indicating the direction north.
The proposed use or occupancy of the various portions of the building in which the electrical work is to occur.
A complete riser diagram.
Floor plan or site layout to show the area where the electrical work is to occur.
The calculated load schedule and demand factor selected for each branch circuit, feeder, sub-feeder, main
feeder, service panel, and circuit schedules shall be shown.
Fault current calculations and the listed interrupting rating for each service and/or feeder.
Legend or key to any symbols used.
Letters and numbers designating mains, feeders, branch circuits, and distribution panels.
Wattage, number of sockets and types of lighting fixtures.
Wattage and purpose of all other outlets.
Voltage at which any equipment will operate.
Identification of size of wires, type of insulation, and all conduit sizes.
Lighting Budget Calculations (not required for one and two-family dwellings). Compliance forms and related
information may be found at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC).
Any other information pertinent to the project, or as required by the plans examiner.
Engineer's stamp and signature on the electrical plans in the following cases:
Educational facilities, hospitals and nursing homes
Services or feeders rated 1600 amperes or larger
Installations identified in the NEC that require engineering supervision
As required by the Building Official for installations which by their nature are complex, hazardous or pose
unique design problems
Owner/Renter/Lessee Affidavit to be provided when the property owner, renter or lessee chooses to purchase a
permit to do an electrical installation on his/her own or qualified leased property under the conditions as described
in RCW 19.28.261.