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Pursuant to Chapter 162 of the Kirkland Zoning Ordinance, lawful existing uses and structures which became
nonconforming as to density as a result of the passage of Ordinance No. 2347 or due to other zoning changes
implemented to bring about conformity with the Comprehensive Plan, may continue to be a lawful use and, if
destroyed by fire or other casualty, may be rebuilt.
Address of use/structure
Legal Description
City State
Zip Code
Site Characteristics (a site plan or ALTA survey may be attached to illustrate the following existing conditions):
Existing use
Number of existing dwelling units
Number of existing parking stalls
Height of existing structure
Major horizontal dimensions:
Continued Use
Planning Department
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Continued Use Application - continued
Square footage of existing structure:
First Floor
Second Floor
Description of other relevant existing conditions
The applicant shall submit evidence to the effect that the use or structure(s) had a legal conforming density at the time
of the zoning change rendering density non-conforming. Such evidence may include a copy of the building permit(s),
certificate(s) of occupancy for the subject structure(s)/use and/or supporting documentation from the King County
Assessor's Office and will be submitted together with a notarized affidavit signed by the applicant that the above
information is true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge.
Site Address
Parcel #
This Certificate of Continued Use is granted pursuant to Kirkland Zoning Chapter 162. This section allows an existing
lawful use of a residential structure that became nonconforming as to density either as a result of amendatory
Ordinance No. 2347 or due to other zoning changes implemented to bring about conformity with the Comprehensive
Plan shall be allowed to continue in existence, or be remodeled, repaired or maintained subject to the conditions
applicable to Kirkland Zoning Code Chapter 162.
Director of Planning & Building: Date
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