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Building Permit Checklist
Tenant Improvements
Building Services
(Interior Only)
Complete this form to submit at City Hall. Or, use to submit your application 100% online.
Use this checklist to help gather all the required information and documents in order to submit a complete building
permit application for a project involving interior only alterations in an existing non-residential tenant space. An
interior tenant improvement is an alteration to the interior of a building that does not increase the floor area or modify
the existing exterior walls or roof. If any exterior work is to be done, use the Building Permit Checklist
The Building, Fire, Planning and Public Works Departments can inform you of requirements for your interior tenant
improvement project.
Allowed uses, parking requirements and other zoning information may be obtained from the Planning
Department. (425-587-3225)
Structural and life safety requirements can be obtained from the Building Department. (425-587-3600)
Water, sewer and right-of-way information can be obtained from the Public Works Department.
Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) specific information can be obtained from the Surface & Wastewater Division of
Public Works. (425-587-3909)
Fire sprinkler information can be obtained from the Fire Department. (425-587-3650)
Property information, including relevant zoning code and permitting history for your property may be obtained from
Building Permit Application (completely filled out)
Supplemental Building Information (Required for projects proposing a change in use, change in tenant, change in
space or change in square footage.)
Construction Plan Set using a minimum 1/8" = 1' scale for drawings. (If paper application, submit 3 complete sets.)
Vicinity Plan showing the location of the entire building in relation to cross streets and the exact location
within the building where the work is to occur.
Building Code Compliance Information including the building's type of construction, occupancy classification,
calculated occupant load, fire sprinkler or fire alarm type (if present), means of egress components, etc.
Floor Plan(s) showing location, size and use of rooms, hallways, corridors, doors, walls and windows. Required
fire walls and doors shall be identified, as well as other required fire-rated assemblies. Any demolition work to
be done shall be identified, with a clear distinction between demolition and new construction. Recommended
scale 1/4" = 1'.
ADA Compliance Information such as location and dimensions of accessible routes, ramps, turning spaces,
restrooms, etc.
Restrooms and plumbing fixtures serving the tenant space shall be identified, whether existing or proposed.
Structural modifications shall be identified. When proposed mechanical equipment requires additional
structural support, indicate the mechanical equipment location on plans.
Construction and structural details, including cross sections of new or modified wall, partition, floor and ceiling
Reflected ceiling plan showing location of lighting, exit signage, ceiling grid, etc.
When King County Public Health approval is required for the business in the tenant space, such as for a
restaurant, the construction plan set submitted for a Building Permit shall match the approved plan set issued by
the Public Health Department.
Interior Only Tenant Improvement Permit Checklist - continued
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Plans must be prepared by a licensed architect or engineer if the project includes any of the following:
A project size more than 4,000 square feet (or combined square footage of more than 4,000 square feet of
simultaneous projects in the same building)
Alteration of fire-rated construction
Alteration to the means of egress, including barrier free provisions
An increase in occupant load
When prepared by a WA State licensed design professional, the plans must be stamped and signed by the design
Energy Code Compliance Information shall be included on plans and any supporting documents (such as interior
lighting calculations or worksheets) shall be submitted. See the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) for
Commercial Provisions and Compliance Forms.
Structural Calculations. If structural calculations have been done for lateral or gravity structural design, the
calculations shall be submitted. If calculations have been done by a WA State licensed design professional, the
calculations and any plan sheets that contain structural information, such as design criteria, connection details,
shearwalls and holdowns, must also be stamped and signed by the design professional.
Additional Documentation (Required for projects that have plumbing and/or mechanical work included with this
Building Permit.)
Supplemental Plumbing Information
Supplemental Mechanical Information
Any other items deemed pertinent by the Building, Fire, Planning, or Public Works Departments.
Pay relevant fees when they are due. Learn more about Building Department Fees, Public Works Fees, and Planning
Department Fees.
If partial or full demolition is to occur, you must contact the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. Call 1-800-552-3565
with questions or go to the PSCAA website for instructions and regulations.
Electrical work shall be applied for under a separate Electrical Permit.
Mechanical work shall be applied for under a separate Mechanical Permit (except when the mechanical work is
included with the Building Permit).
Plumbing work shall be applied for under a separate Plumbing Permit (except when the plumbing work is included
with the Building Permit).
If Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) will be produced by this tenant, certain requirements must be met, and will be required
to be documented as part of the plumbing work.
If a fire sprinkler or fire alarm system is to be installed, a separate Fire System Permit must be obtained.
Learn about recycling construction, demolition and landclearing (CDL) debris by visiting King County Solid Waste
If mechanical work is to be included as part of this building permit, review the Mechanical Permit Checklist to verify
all information is being provided and shown on plans.
If plumbing work is to be included as part of this building permit, review the Plumbing Permit Checklist to verify all
information is being provided and shown on plans.