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Complete this form to submit at City Hall. Or, use to submit your application entirely online.
Demolition Permit
Building Services
Use this checklist to help gather all the required information and documents in order to submit a complete Demolition
Permit Application.
Demolition Permit Application (completely filled out)
Rodent Abatement Declaration
A letter from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency in response to an Asbestos/Demolition Notification must be
provided to the City of Kirkland prior to issuance of the demolition permit. (See "Actions to Take" section for more
Demolition plan which includes the following:
(If paper application, submit 3 copies.) See attached sample demolition plan.
The site address.
The assessor's parcel number.
The property owner's name.
The map scale. A scale of 1”=10' is typical, but others, 1/4”=1'0” for example, are also acceptable.
A North arrow indicating the direction North.
Property lines.
Easements (utilities, access, etc.).
Site dimensions.
Streets and alleys, with street names.
The location and dimensions of all existing buildings and other structures (such as decks, retaining walls and
rockeries), whether they are to remain or be demolished.
Identify each building by its use (garage, single family residence, shed, barn, etc.).
Clear distinction between the existing buildings to remain and any buildings to be demolished.
Locations of any underground storage tanks.
All surface water (creeks, streams, ponds, wetland, etc.) within 100 feet of the property.
Erosion and sedimentation control (ESC) plan. This may be a separate plan or the ESC measures can be shown on
the demolition plan itself. (If paper application, submit 3 copies.) See an Example ESC Pre-Approved Plan CK-E.04.
Tree retention plan which includes the following items. This may be a separate plan or tree retention items can be
shown on the demolition plan itself. (If paper application, submit 3 copies.)
Location, type, diameter and drip line of all significant trees. A significant tree is defined as any tree that is at
least six (6) inches in diameter measured at 4.5 feet from the ground (diameter at breast height, aka DBH).
Tree Protection Fencing Detail. Location of required tree protection fencing to be installed at the dripline of all
significant trees on site.
Environmental Checklist - Check with the Planning Department 425-587-3225 to determine if the subject property
is in an environmentally sensitive area. An environmental review and submittal of an Environmental Checklist may
be required which will extend the time period before a demolition permit can be issued. The Planning Department
can provide information on review fees and an estimated time frame for this environmental review.
Demolition Permit Checklist - continued
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Have the side sewer capped (if there is one) after the demolition permit has been issued but before the demolition
Have the water meter permanently removed or temporarily disconnected by taking a Water Meter Pull/
Disconnect Request to Utility Billing located in Kirkland's City Hall. The request form can be obtained from the
Public Works Department after they determine which action to take. If the water meter is to be pulled, you will be
required to show your receipt of payment to the Building Department in order to be issued a Demolition Permit.
When temporarily disconnected, the water service line will be disconnected from the customer side of the water
meter. The meter will remain in the meter box, the account will remain active, and the customer will be billed only
for the amount of water used during construction.
When pulled (removed), there will be no longer be a meter or water service line, and the account will be closed. If
water is needed during construction, the contractor must arrange for a water truck, arrange with the City to use
water from a hydrant (requires a hydrant meter and use of a nearby hydrant), or arrange to have permanent water
service installed (by the utility contractor). Contact Public Works at (425) 587-3800 for further information.
An Asbestos/Demolition Notification and a filing fee must be submitted to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
before any asbestos removal or demolition begins. For full details, instructions and regulations regarding asbestos,
visit the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency online or by phone at 206-343-8800. Failure to comply with asbestos
requirements may result in penalties. Note: Water is required for asbestos removal.
Check with the King County Solid Waste Division for information on recycling and disposal options for
construction, demolition and landclearing (CDL) debris.
Have the septic tank retired or removed (if there is one) after the demolition permit has been issued but before
the demolition occurs.
A rodent baiting program shall be completed and a rodent abatement letter shall be provided to the City of
Kirkland from the abatement company indicating that the requirements of the Kirkland Municipal Code Section
21.41.302 (e) have been complied with, prior to issuance of the demolition permit.
Rodent abatement could take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the vegetation/rodent population on the site. A rat
baiting program shall be initiated on the project site at least fifteen days prior to the start of demolition, clearing,
or land surface modification activity. The baiting program must continue at least until the project begins, however,
no demolition, clearing or land surface modification work shall commence until all significant rat activity has been
abated even if it has been fifteen or more days since the initiation of the rat baiting program, unless approved by
the building official.
Tree fencing must be installed, inspected and approved by the City of Kirkland prior to issuance of the demolition
Demolition Permit Checklist - continued
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