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IFC Permit
Fire Services
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Activity Information
Activity Address:
Property Owner:
Indicate Activity Dates And Times:
Activity Type (select one)
Hot work or welding
Flammable or combustible liquid tank removal (for commercial tanks or abandoned oil tanks on commercial
property only)
Hazardous or explosive materials
Recreational fire larger than 3' in diameter and 2' in height
Temporary canopy over 700 sq ft or temporary membrane structure over 400 sq ft
Public fireworks performed by licensed pyrotechnician
Use of sparklers at a wedding or religious event (Note: written permission of property owner where event will be held
must be submitted with this application)
Other activity regulated by the IFC and/or deemed hazardous by the Fire Marshal
If "Other" was selected, provide a description of the activity type here:
Attached Documents (check all that apply)
Site Plan Safety Plan MSDS State or Federal Licenses Other
If "Other" was selected, provide a description of document(s) here:
Applicant Information (party to be billed)
Applicant Name:
Applicant Email: Applicant Phone:
I certify under penalty of perjury that the information furnished by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and further
that I am the owner or authorized by the owner of the above premises to perform the work for which permit application is made. I
further agree to save harmless the City of Kirkland as to any claim (including costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees incurred in
investigation and defense of such claim), which may be made by any person, including the undersigned, and filed against the City of
Kirkland, but only where such claim arises out of the reliance of the City, including its officers and employees, upon the accuracy of
the information supplied to the City as a part of this application.
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