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Move Permit
Complete this form to submit at City Hall.
Use this checklist to help gather all the required information and documents in order to submit a complete Move
Permit Application. A move permit is required when one or more threshold dimensions or weights are exceeded and a
City of Kirkland right-of-way is used for the move.
Know what kind of move you have:
CLASS I: Originates outside of the City of Kirkland to a destination within the City of Kirkland.
CLASS II: Origin and destination are both within the City of Kirkland.
CLASS III: Originates within the City of Kirkland to a location outside of the City of Kirkland.
CLASS IV: Origin and destination are both outside of the City of Kirkland, but passes through the City of Kirkland.
Know the dimensions and weight of the building, house, structure or other similar object, when placed on a trailer or
moving platform:
Dimensions (Threshold) Weight (Threshold)
Width: 8'-6" Single Axle: 20,000 lbs
Height: 14' Double Axle: 34,000 lbs
Length: 53'
A complete move permit application, fees, bond or cash deposit, and certification of insurance must be filed with the
City of Kirkland Building Department no less than five working days prior to the requested move date.
Move Permit Application (completely filled out).
Description of route. A map highlighting the route to be taken shall be provided with the move permit application.
(Suggestion: Use a copy of a map from the Thomas Guide.)
Note: It is the responsibility of the mover to drive the route prior to submittal to determine whether trees or other
obstacles will need to be moved or dealt with, or if the route should be modified.
Site Plan. If trees on the property in Kirkland could be adversely affected, a site plan shall be provided to detail the
location, type, and size of trees, along with tree fencing and other tree information as outlined in the Tree
Retention Plan. Contact the Planning Department at 425-587-3600 for more information.
A $1,000,000 Commercial/General Liability Insurance Policy (Certificate of Insurance) naming the City of Kirkland
as an additional insured must be provided for all moves. This insurance will provide coverage for each occurrence
against claims for injuries to people or property damage which may take place while work is performed under this
Move Permit. In addition, the insured shall provide proof of automobile liability insurance in at least the minimum
amount required by law.
A minimum $10,000 cash deposit or bond for property damage incurred en route is required (for all moves when
three or more threshold dimensions and/or weights are exceeded)
Cash - Property Damage Security Agreement
Bond - Move Property Damage Bond
A minimum $5,000 performance security cash deposit or bond if relocating into the City of Kirkland (for Class I and
Class II moves only)
Cash - Performance Security Agreement
Bond - Move Performance Bond
Dimensions (Proposed) Weight (Proposed)
Width: Single Axle:
Height: Double Axle:
Move Permit Checklist - continued
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A completed License To Enter Form is required to be provided from the owner of the property for certain Class I
and Class II move permits. This form allows the City of Kirkland access to the property to complete construction,
paint, and finish the exterior of the building if abandoned by the owner. This notarized form gets filed with King
A License to Enter is required for moved residences and structures that will require a foundation.
A License to Enter is not required for sales trailers.
A License to Enter is not required for temporary job shacks.
A Release Of License To Enter is required to remove the License to Enter from King County records when the
associated building permit is completed.
Prior to applying for a Class I or Class II move for a building that does not have an L&I label, an inspection of the
building by a City of Kirkland Building Inspector must occur. The inspector will provide a written list of corrections
that must be taken care of prior to submitting a Move Permit Application. To schedule this inspection, call the
Kirkland Building Department at 425-587-3600.
If a foundation or ADA compliant construction is required for a building which will be moved to a location within
Kirkland, such as for sales trailers, school portables, and other structures, a separate Building Permit must be
issued before the move can occur.
For any demolition work occurring in Kirkland, including but not limited to, removing skirting, disconnecting
utilities, or demolition of a foundation, a separate Demolition Permit must be issued before the move can occur.
If the structure to be moved is connected to City of Kirkland water and/or sewer, or located on a septic system in
Pay the final utility bill and arrange to have the water meter pulled before the move permit is issued. Use the
Water Meter Pull/Disconnect Request or call Kirkland Utility Billing at 425-587-3150.
Arrange to have the side sewer capped or septic system retired before the work begins. Call Public Works at
The mover shall drive the route prior to application of the Move Permit, to determine whether trees or bus shelters
will need to be removed or relocated.
The mover shall notify the King County Department of Transportation Transit Division and the King County Fire
Marshall's Office regarding the move. In case there is a need for bus re-routes, road closures, and potential bus
layover changes, these sorts of detours and bus shelter removals require 2 weeks notice.
Administrative fee for property damage and/or performance security (Required when a bond is selected): $27.34
Application filing fee: $113 for each Class I or Class II move / $85 for each Class III or Class IV move
Building inspection fee: (required for Class I or Class II moves, other than for buildings with L&I label): $146.00
(If the building is located more than 10 miles from the nearest City of Kirkland boundary, an additional $1.11/mile is charged.)
King County recording fee: Each transaction is $104.50 for the first page plus $1.00 for each additional page
(Required for Class I and Class II moves, when having a License to Enter or Release of License to Enter recorded.)
Right-of-way inspection fee, required for all moves:
Number of Threshold
Dimensions/Weights Exceeded
Normal Business Hours After Hours
1 $62.00 $93.00
2 $124.00 $186.00
3 or more
(charged by hours of movement)
$62.00/hour $93.00/hour