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Building Permit Checklist
(Re-Roof Only)
Building Services
Building permits are required for re-roofing an existing building (except for in-kind re-roofing of a one- or two-family
dwelling, provided the roof sheathing is not removed or replaced). Use this checklist to help gather all the required
information and documents in order to submit a complete Building Permit application for your re-roof project.
Building Permit Application (completely filled out)
This Building Permit Checklist for a Re-Roof Only project (completely filled out)
Building Elevations, other drawings or calculations, as applicable, are to be provided if any of the following are
marked as "Yes."
Is the existing roof pitch to be changed?
Yes No
Is the height of the roof or parapet to be increased?
Yes No
Are any rooftop mechanical units or skylights to be added or relocated in conjunction with the re-roof?
Yes No
(A separate Mechanical Permit
may be required.)
Will foam insulation be added or replaced ON TOP of the roof?
Yes No
Type of construction of the building:
I don't know.
Existing roof covering classification: (A, B, C, or D):
I don't know.
Proposed roof covering classification: (A, B, C, or D):
I don't know.
Existing roof material:
Proposed roof material:
The existing roofing must be completely removed unless either of the following is marked as "Yes."
Is there currently only one existing roof covering?
Yes No
Is there analysis by a structural engineer demonstrating that the structure is sufficient to sustain the weight of
additional dead load due to the roof coverings?
Yes No
Plywood sheathing shall be provided if the following is marked as "Yes."
Is there to be a change from cedar shake or shingle to composition roofing?
Yes No
Obtain a separate IFC Permit if the re-roof will involve hot mopping.