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Mechanical Permit
Building Services
Mechanical permits are required when installing, altering, relocating or replacing mechanical systems or fuel gas piping
in existing or new buildings (other than new single family residences). Use this checklist to help gather all the required
information and documents in order to submit a complete Mechanical Permit application.
Mechanical Permit Application (completely filled out)
Supplemental Mechanical Information sheet to indicate equipment to be replaced, relocated, installed or
For all equipment: (Not required for single family dwellings or where indoor equipment is replaced in-kind.)
Mechanical plans showing the following, as applicable (Required when plan review is required per Plan Review
Floor plans showing all proposed mechanical work.
Documentation showing compliance with energy code requirements of the WSEC.
If commercial kitchen equipment is to be installed, show compliance with IMC Sections 506 (Ducts and
Exhaust), 507 (Hoods), and 508 (Makeup Air).
Show location of the required 110 volt outlet within 25 feet of the equipment.
If equipment is over 2,000 cfm, provide a note on the plan that the equipment must shut down with activation
of fire alarm system (duct detectors or fire alarm system).
Documentation showing compliance with ventilation and air quality requirements of the IMC.
Manufacturer's equipment installation instructions and specifications.
Lateral calculations are required if the new or replaced equipment weighs over 400 pounds.
Structural design calculations prepared by a licensed architect or engineer to verify the adequacy of the structure
to support new or heavier replacement equipment.
Also, for rooftop-mounted equipment:
Roof plan drawn to scale that shows following:
North arrow indicating the direction north.
Location of mechanical equipment on the rooftop.
Dimensions from the mechanical unit(s) to the roof edges.
Building elevation(s) showing building height, equipment height, and screen height.
If the equipment extends above the roofline, the rooftop mechanical equipment is required to be screened with
screening that is architecturally compatible with the building.
Also, for ground-mounted equipment:
Site plan drawn to scale that shows the following:
North arrow indicating the direction north.
Building footprint and equipment location relative to building and property lines.
Dimensions from the mechanical unit(s) to all property lines and structures.
Location and names of adjacent streets, alleys, or access tracts or easements.
Note: For outdoor installations, screening may be required. Contact the Planning Department at 425-587-3225. If screening is
required, plans and engineering for the screening must be included with the mechanical permit application.