Development Grant
Application Form
Early May
You MUST get your
application to us by
2 March 2020.
You MUST be able to attend
the Grant Committee meeting
during late March 2020.
If you are successful you
MUST be able to attend
the Review meeting during
early May 2020.
Purpose of the Grant
To support one or more young people seeking:
To enhance and grow their personal development
To enhance their leadership skills and
To enhance the community in which they live
To help or benefit others.
General overview
Available to young people living in the Waimakariri District
aged between 16 and 22 at the time of application.
A Grant of up to $4,000 will be available for allocation to
suitable applicants in any one year.
The Committee may award more than one Grant up to a
combined maximum of $4,000 in the 2019/2020 financial
year (1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020).
The Youth Development Grant Committee did not award
the maximum funding in November 2019 and further
applications are now called for.
Application Process outline
Applications will open on 3 February 2020 and close at
4pm on 2 March 2020.
Applications must be fully completed and supported by two
references. For example teacher, school principal, employer,
faith leader, youth worker or community group leader.
One reference may be permitted from a member of the
applicant’s wider family.
Applications will be considered and Grant(s) awarded in
March 2020.
Selection Process
The Youth Development Grant Committee includes the
four Community Board Chairs and an appointee of the
Waimakariri Youth Council.
The Committee is the sole decision making body.
The Committee will meet in March 2020.
Short listed applicants will be expected to come along to present
their application to the Committee and to answer any questions
that the Committee may have.
We will contact you in March if you have been selected to present
to the Committee and what time we would like to see you.
You will be expected to present an overview of your proposed
project/activity to the Committee and you may choose how
you do this.
It could be using a Powerpoint presentation, flip chart, video
or anything you feel will highlight why the Committee should
award the Grant to you.
The Committee members will ask all applicants a series of
general questions to help them make a decision. They may also
ask some specific questions about you and your project/activity.
The presentation and questions should take no more than
20 minutes and will be relatively informal. We want to
support and encourage you to do well and it is not intended
to be daunting.
Looking aer the money and supporting
you on your project/activity
If you are successful we will work with you to formalise an
agreement on how the Grant will be paid to you and at what
stage. This is really important as we all need to be sure that
the Grant is spent on the project/activities you have told us
about. We will also make this as straight forward as we can
and help you to do this.
We will need you to sign a Financial Accountability
Agreement and confirm with one of your referees that you
have understood the agreement and that all the financial
information you give to us will be accurate and truthful.
If you have a problem at any time with the project, or get
stuck on something, we ask that you tell us straight away so
that we can help you. We want to work with you to figure
things out.
One of the Committee members will contact you from time
to time to offer support and encouragement.
Other stuff
If you are selected you will be expected to update the
Committee regularly on your progress. We will work with you
to agree how oen and when this should be.
In all cases there will be an initial review in
early May 2020.
If you have any questions please email us at or call Thea on 0800 965 468
Waimakariri District Council
Youth Development Grant 2019 Criteria
1. The Criteria
2. Application
Name Mobile/contact number
Date of Birth
Referee One Details*
Referee Two Details*
Mobile/contact number
Mobile/contact number
Relationship to you
Relationship to you
If you have any questions please email us at or call us on 0800 965 468
and ask for
Personal Details
*Please note that each of your referees MUST provide a formal reference letter of support for you
and your project. These need to be submitted with your application.
(Remember only one reference is permitted from a member of your wider family.)
Please tell us as much as you can about your project or activity. You can send us electronic copies of any
additional or supporting information that you think is important and will help us understand more about you
and your application. (Before you begin please make sure you have read the Grant Criteria.)
We will make an initial assessment based on what you tell us in your application.
3. Application
Tell us a little bit about yourself, including your aspirations and goals. (At least 200 words)
4. Application
What would you like to use the Grant for? Make sure you tell us about how you will
benefit and also who else will benefit if you are successful. (At least 500 words)
5. Application
How will you know it’s going well and what will you do if things are not going to plan?
3 How long will the project or activity take? Tell us about any key milestones or stages.
6. Application
If you aren’t successful this year, what will you do to still try to achieve your project
or activity?
Tell us why you chose your two referees.
What will it cost? How have you calculated this? How much money are you seeking?
Well done - Your Application Form is nearly complete
Now you need to print your application so that both you and one of your Referees can sign in the boxes below.
I (full name) confirm that I live in the Waimakariri District
and that the information presented in my application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Signed Date
Please ensure at least one of your referees signs here.
(full name) confirm that I will support the applicant
with their chosen project/activity and that the information supplied by the applicant is accurate to the best of
my knowledge.
Signed Date
7. Final Declaration
Applicant Declaration
Referee Declaration
You can either print everything and deliver it to us or you can send electronic copies by email.
When you are happy that you have everything ready you can print everything and deliver it (attention: Thea) to
any of the Rangiora, Kaiapoi or Oxford Service Centres.
Alternatively you can scan the signed application form and email it (attention: Thea) with electronic copies of
all the other information to
Don’t forget to include
Proof of age – copy of birth certificate, passport or driving licence
Financial or cost information for your project/activity
Your reference letters from your two referees
Additional information. Tell us what else you have included so we can make sure we have received it:
Youth Development Grant 2019/2020
Final Declaration
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