Transfer your Flexi Pension
to a super account application form
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Fund: UniSuper ABN 91 385 943 850 Trustee: UniSuper Limited ABN 54 006 027 121, AFSL No. 492806
Administrator: UniSuper Management Pty Ltd ABN 91 006 961 799 AFSL No. 235907
Address: Level 1, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 Issue date: October 2019
Use this form to
Close your Flexi Pension account and transfer the balance
to a super account with UniSuper, or
Transfer part of your Flexi Pension account balance to a
super account (generally not applicable to Flexi Pensions
taken under Transition to Retirement (TTR) rules). Please
note that Flexi Pension accounts require a minimum closing
balance of $10,000 to remain open. If a partial transfer
takes your Flexi Pension below $10,000, we’ll transfer the
entire balance of your Flexi Pension account to your super
account. For more information, see below and refer to the
Flexi Pension Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available
Who can use this form?
All Flexi Pension members can use this form, although some
restrictions may apply. Refer to the Flexi Pension PDS for more
If you took your Flexi Pension under TTR rules, you can
generally only use this form to transfer your full Flexi Pension to
a super account. Refer to the above PDS for more information.
Understanding the risks
By completing and returning this form, you’ll be requesting a
full or partial commutation from your Flexi Pension.
As there may be Centrelink and/or tax implications to
transferring your Flexi Pension, we recommend you consult a
qualified financial adviser or tax adviser before proceeding.
Privacy information
We recognise the importance of protecting your personal
information and are committed to complying with our privacy
law obligations. For more information on how we collect and
manage your information refer to the Privacy statement at the
end of this form.
SECTION 1 — Your details
print in CAPITAL LETTERS. Cross where required
All fields in Section 1 are mandatory. Please ensure you
complete all fields.
UniSuper Pension number (if known)
Do you have an existing super account with us?
No. We’ll open a new Accumulation 1 account for you.
Yes. Provide your super account number here.
Super account member number (if applicable)
If you don’t know your Flexi Pension and/or super account
number, refer to your most recent UniSuper correspondence,
check your account online at or call us on
1800 331 685.
Title Mr
Given name
Date of birth (DDMMYYYY)
Contact number (during business hours)
Email address
If, in processing your transfer, we create a new super
account for you, you won’t receive any default insurance
cover and your transferred balance will be invested in our
default investment option (Balanced).
We make important changes to our forms at times.
Check youre using the latest version by comparing
the issue date at the bottom of this page with the
version at
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SECTION 2 — Transfer amount
Would you like to make a full or partial transfer to a super
account? Note: if you took your Flexi Pension under TTR
rules, you can generally only select ‘Full’ here.
Partial. Please provide the amount you’d like to
transfer here (minimum $2,000). Remember your
Flexi Pension requires a minimum closing balance of
$10,000 to remain open.
This amount needs to be gross (before tax is deducted).
Amounts requested below the minimum will be processed as
$2,000. If you’re completing a full transfer, please note we may
be required to pay you the remainder of your minimum annual
pension amount (pro-rata) to comply with superannuation law.
See the PDS for more information.
SECTION 3 — Investing your transferred pension balance
If you have an existing super account, your transferred
pension balance will be invested in line with your rollover
strategy. If you don’t have a rollover strategy, it will
be invested in UniSuper’s default investment option
(Balanced). To check or update your rollover strategy, log in
to your account at or you can update your
rollover strategy by completing Section 3A.
If you don’t have an existing super account, we’ll establish
a new one for you and invest your transferred pension
balance in UniSuper’s default investment option (Balanced).
You can change this investment strategy if you want to—
simply complete Section 3A.
If you’ve got any questions or concerns about your
investment strategy, consider seeing a qualified
financial adviser.
You have exclusive access to expert financial
advice from UniSuper for help with managing your
retirement savings.
You can get over-the-phone advice on issues related
directly to your UniSuper account, or meet with
an adviser in person for a more comprehensive
discussion about your finances.
Call UniSuper Advice on
1800 823 842 to find
SECTION 3A — Rollover strategy
You can choose a single investment option or a mix
of investment options based on your individual
requirements. All rollovers to your account—including
transfers from an accumulation account to a Flexi
Pension and vice versa—will be invested in your
chosen option(s). The total must equal 100% and each
nomination must be in whole numbers.
If you don’t choose an investment option, your account will
automatically be invested in the Balanced option, which is the
Fund’s MySuper option.
Before making a decision about your investment options,
refer to the PDS and the How we invest your money booklet.
Sector investment options are generally single asset class
options that are less diversified and not intended to be used in
isolation, but combined with other investment options to build
a diversified portfolio. For example, the Australian Equity
Income option might have exposure to as few as 20 entities,
and the Global Companies in Asia option as few as 40 entities.
In comparison, the Balanced option has an exposure to over
1,500 entities.
If you choose to only invest in a Sector option, you may be
exposed to more risk and may miss out on the benefits of the
balance between risk and return offered by a Pre-Mixed option.
Conservative Balanced
Balanced (MySuper)
Sustainable Balanced
High Growth
Sustainable High Growth
Australian Bond
Diversified Credit Income
Listed Property
Australian Shares
International Shares
Global Environmental Opportunities
Australian Equity Income
Global Companies in Asia
1 0 0
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SECTION 4 — Your declaration and signature
Please read this declaration before you sign and date
your form.
I declare that:
The information provided on this form is true and correct.
I request and consent to the transfer of my Pension as
indicated on this form and authorise UniSuper to give effect
to the transfer.
I consent to my personal information being used in
accordance with UniSupers Privacy Policy.
I acknowledge that this transfer will be treated as a full
or partial commutation and have considered any tax and
Centrelink implications by consulting a qualified financial
adviser or tax adviser.
I acknowledge that I will not be provided with default
insurance cover as a result of this transfer.
I acknowledge that if, after my withdrawal, there is less than
$10,000 in my account, UniSuper will pay the remaining
Flexi Pension balance to my super account.
(completed forms that have been signed and
dated can be scanned and emailed to us).
Mail: UniSuper
Level 1, 385 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Email, or
Call 1800 331 685.
Privacy statement
We recognise the importance of protecting your personal
information and are committed to complying with our privacy
law obligations.
We collect your personal information to administer your
account, ensure you’re eligible for insurance cover, provide you
with UniSuper membership benefits, services and products,
verify your identity and improve our products and services. You
consent to our collecting sensitive information about you, where
collecting that information is reasonably necessary for us to
perform one or more of our functions or activities. We usually
collect personal and sensitive information directly from you,
however, it may also be collected from third parties, such as your
We may also collect this information from you because we’re
required or authorised by or under an Australian law or a court/
tribunal order to collect that information.
If you don’t provide this information, we may not be able to
administer your account, provide you with a product or service or
you may be disadvantaged in some other way.
We may disclose your information to any service provider we
engage (for example mail-houses, auditors, insurers, actuaries,
lawyers and research consultants) to carry out or help us provide
your membership benefits, services and products. This includes
overseas entities. The countries we may disclose personal
information to are Japan, Canada and the United States of
America. Where information is transferred overseas, we’ll seek
to ensure the recipient of the data has security systems to prevent
misuse, loss or unauthorised disclosure in line with Australian
laws and standards.
Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can
access any personal information we hold, how to correct your
information and how to make a complaint about a breach of the
Privacy Act. It’s available at or by calling us on
1800 331 685.
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