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This is general information only and is subject to change at any time. Your complete
financial situation will need to be assessed before acceptance of any proposal or product.
What is the process?
1. At a time that is convenient to you, a Lending Manager will sit
down with you and review your current financial situation. They
will complete a Client Needs Analysis to ensure they gather all
the information needed tor an accurate assessment.
2. The Lending Manager will present you with and explain a mini-
mum of three options to assist you in choosing the right loan.
3. After sighting original documents the Lending Manager will
request copies of the relevant supporting documents required to
verify your loan application
4. The Lending Manager will give you a credit quote and proposal
for the loan you choose.
5. The Lending Manager will keep you updated with the progress
of your loan throughout the entire application process.
6. After your new loan has settled the Lending Manager will
continue to be available for any questions you may have.
Our Lending Managers have access to
over 30 Lenders and are able to assist
Residential Loans
Investment Loans
Construction Loans
SMSF Loans
Commercial Loans
Motor Vehicle & Equipment
Our experienced Lending Managers have been working in the Finance
Industry for many years and are members of the Finance Brokers
Association of Australia or the Mortgage and Finance Association of
Australia and the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.
Why talk to a Lending Professional about Home Loans?
Choice - Our Lending Managers are not aligned to any bank or home
loan providers. They select the best loan from a range of different
providers to suit your specific requirements
Cost - Despite the myths it does not cost more to get a loan through a
Lending Professional. They are able to source the same interest rates
that you would get by going direct to a bank.
Convenience - At a time thats convenient to you our Lending
Professionals can sit down with you and review your current financial
situation. We understand you are busy and that office hours are not
always the best time to discuss your needs.
Comfort - You can feel comfortable that our Lending Managers will
search for the best result for you (not the best result for the Lender).