1 April 2020
Use this form when you wish to transfer monies from another
superannuation fund or income stream into IOOF Employer Super.
In this form, a reference to a ‘transfer of a benet’ includes a
‘rollover of a benet’ and a reference to ‘your FROM fund’ means
the super fund or income stream that you wish to transfer
A separate form is required for each transfer from another super
fund or income stream. Please photocopy this form or download
it from our website (www.ioof.com.au) if required. An original
signature is required on each form.
Important information:
We recommend that you ask what (if any) charges and
penalties may apply prior to making a decision to transfer
your benet. You should ensure that you have adequate
insurance arrangements in place before losing the benet
of any insurance cover you may have in your FROM fund.
Werecommend that you consult a nancial adviser. You should
do this so you fully understand the eects of transferring
your benet.
You should ensure that you agree with your nancial adviser
on the amount of any fee that may be incurred.
Please complete these instructions in BLACK INK using CAPITAL LETTERS (except for your email address) and 3 boxes where provided.
This form, including the certicate of compliance, should be forwarded to us by post.
Step 1: Your personal details
Title (Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss) Surname
Given name(s)
Mailing address
Suburb State Postcode
Phone (home)
Phone (mobile) Fax
Date of birth
/ /
Gender Male Female
Tax le number
* We are authorised by superannuation and taxation law to collect your TFN which will be used to action your transfer request. It is not an oence if you choose
not to provide your TFN, but providing it has advantages, including:
we will be able to accept all permitted contributions
other than the tax that may ordinarily apply, you will not pay more tax than you need to, and
it will be easier to nd dierent super accounts in your name.
If you choose not to provide your TFN, we may not be able to process your request. If you do not supply your TFN, we require that you provide certied proof of
identity. Please refer to the ‘Completing Proof of Identity’ document at ioof.com.au for more information.
If you have provided your tax le number certied proof of identity is not required.
Please provide the IOOF account number that will receive the transfer of super benet if available:
Unique Superannuation
Identier (USI)
S M F 0 1 2 6 A U
Account number (if known)
7 0 8 1 5 3 6 9 8 1 8
Request to Transfer
IOOF Employer Super | Forms booklet
Step 2: Details required for transfer
Section A: Details of your FROM fund
I request that the benet held in my super fund or income stream, as detailed below, be transferred to my account in the nominated super or
pension product specied in Step 1.
Name of your FROM fund
Unique Superannuation
Identier (USI)
Account/member number
Member client identier
(if dierent from Account/member number)
Suburb State Postcode
Name of previous
employer (if applicable)
Date left employer
(if applicable)
/ /
You can obtain this information from the Fund’s product disclosure statement, your latest Member Statement or by contacting the Fund.
Section B: Benet to be transferred
Amount to be transferred
Entire balance (account in the FROM fund will be closed) Approximate value $
Partial balance of $
You should be aware that a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability may arise and be deducted from your benet prior to the transfer.
We recommend that you seek taxation advice prior to authorising a transfer.
Payment instruction to FROM fund (SMSF only): Please forward a cheque made payable to ‘IPS – IOOF Employer Super
[your full name or account number]’ with any related documentation and certied proof of identity.
Step 3: Member/applicant declaration and signature
Important note: The Trustee collects the information in this form in order to process your investment instructions. Any personal information
provided in this form will be handled in accordance with the Trustee’s privacy policy, available at www.ioof.com.au/privacy.
By signing this request form, I am making the following statements
I declare that I have fully read this form and declare that the details supplied are true and correct.
I am aware that I may ask my FROM fund for all the information that I need to understand my benet entitlements in that fund
(including any fees orcharges that may apply and any other information about the eect this transfer may have on my benet).
I understand and acknowledge the implications of transferring my benet from my FROM fund into my account in the nominated
IOOF account.
I discharge the Trustee of my FROM fund from all further liability in respect of the benets paid and transferred from my FROM fund
to my nominated IOOF account.
I authorise the Trustee to make arrangements to have my benet (including any employer contributions still to be made to my FROM
fund) transferred from my FROM fund to my nominated IOOF account and I authorise IOOF Investment Management Limited (IIML)
to act onmy behalf in arranging and receiving information on this transfer.
I am aware of and authorise the deduction of any fees or charges by my FROM fund and any tax payable from the benet transferred
to my account in the nominated IOOF account (subject to legislative restrictions).
If I have provided my tax le number, I consent to it being disclosed for the purposes of consolidating my account.
Member/applicant signature
Signature Date
/ /
Please forward all correspondence and enquiries to
Post IOOF Employer Super, Reply Paid 264, Melbourne VIC 8060
Email enquiries clientrst@ioof.com.au
Telephone enquiries 1800 913 118
Please note: This letter can be provided to the fund you are transferring from to conrm that IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation
Fund is a complying superannuation fund.
To whom it may concern
Certicate of compliance
IOOF Employer Super, IOOF Personal Super and IOOF Pension (Unique Superannuation Identier SMF0126AU), form part
of the IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund (SFN 3002/079/41), ABN 70 815 369 818. The IOOF MySuper Unique Identier
No. is 70815369818036.
We certify that:
1 IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund (Fund) is a complying superannuation fund within the meaning of the
Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (the Act)
2 the Trustee is IOOF Investment Management Limited (IIML) ABN 53 006 695 021, AFS Licence No. 230524
3 the Trustee of the Fund has not been directed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority to cease accepting
contributions under Section 63 of the Act
4 the Trust Deed allows contributions and rollovers to be accepted by the Fund.
Frank Lombardo
Chief Operating Ocer
On behalf of IOOF Investment Management Limited
IOOF Investment Management Limited
ABN 53 006 695 021
AFS Licence No. 230524
Registered Address
Level 6, 161 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Postal Address IOOF Employer Super, Reply Paid 264, Melbourne VIC 8060
Telephone 1800 913 118
Fax 03 6215 5800
Email clientrst@ioof.com.au
IOOF Investment Management Limited | ABN 53 006 695 021 | AFS Licence No. 230524 as Trustee of the IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund | ABN 70 815 369 818.
PLA-17137 (EXT 50930) 0320
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