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Coach: Panoramic Norwich 75 mins
Walking: Norwich – city of centuries 90 mins
as available – see listing 90 mins
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Building (by special arrangement):
City Hall
(clock tower not included) 60 mins
The Halls 45 mins
Mayors, Radicals and Chains 120 mins
(combined tour of City Hall and the Guildhall)
Tour fees Valid from April 2016 (including 20% vat)
Coach: Panoramic Norwich £78.00
Walking tour: 1 - 20 people £54.00
21 - 40 people £96.00
41 - 60 people £138.00
61 - 80 people £174.00
81 - 100 people £192.00
Buildings: City Hall 1 - 15 people £54.00
16 - 30 people £96.00
The Halls 1 - 15 people £54.00
16 - 30 people £96.00
Mayors, Radical and Chains 1 - 15 people £72.00
16 - 30 people £130.00
We may be able to arrange guided tours of other ‘Norwich 12’ buildings, please contact us for
further information.
Method of payment
Full amount to be be paid seven days before the tour.
Tours booked with less than seven days notice will require full payment on booking.
Ways to pay: • Cheque: made payable to Norwich City Council
• Credit or debit card: contact us on 01603 213994 to make your payment
• BACS: payment can be made by BACS, please ask for details.
I confirm the booking details as listed above and agree to abide by the conditions as detailed below.
Signed Date
• We have limited guides available with foreign languages.
• Coach tour prices do not include the cost of a coach.
• Departure points – Walking tours generally start from outside the Forum or the Cathedral – see tour details.
Coach tours start from Theatre Street. Alternative points can be available – please contact us.
Font: Humanist
Please return to:
Michelle Hurren, Norwich Tourist Information,
The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich NR2 1TF
t: 01603 213994/213999
Terms and conditions
Payment: Full payment must be received at least seven days before the tour takes
place. Payment may be made on the day of the tour by special arrangement only. In
these cases payment must be made to the Tourist Information Centre – not the Guide.
Cancellation: Tours may be cancelled or rearranged up to seven days before the tour
date at no cost. Groups cancelling after this period will be charged the full cost.
Late arrival: A group arriving late for a tour will have that time deducted from their
tour, unless new terms are negotiated before the start of the tour. Guides will wait for
the group as long as every effort is made to inform the TIC on 01603 213994/213999
that the group is delayed. If not possible the guide will only wait for up to 30 minutes
depending on weather and circumstances.
Copyright: It is not permitted to record, or reproduce in any form the guides
commentary without their written permission. If you would like to photograph
the guide please ask their permission first.
Clothing: Please ensure your group is dressed appropriately for walking and standing,
and the current weather conditions. Buildings tours will include climbing stairs and
uneven surfaces, and may be unsuitable for those with a heart condition or similar.
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