City Council
Application form and
guidance notes for a road closure
to hold a neighbourhood street party or a play street session
Guidance notes
Below is advice on how to apply for a road closure from Norwich City Council for
neighbourhood street parties or a play street session. These guidance notes and the
application form will take you through the process.
Visit Street Alive website to see lots of helpful hints for organising a street party
If you want to organise a play street session you might find the playing out website
Application deadline
The deadline for Norwich City Council to receive your application, together with payment
is at least six weeks before your proposed street party or play street session.
The application process
Please save this form to your computer before completing if you are emailing.
Completed applications must be sent or emailed to:
Streetworks, Norwich City Council,
City Hall, St Peters Street, Norwich NR2 1NH.
t: 01603 212203
Your application will be assessed and you will be advised if your road is suitable for a street
party or play street session within a week.
Legal responsibilities
To close your road for a street party or play street session you will have to apply for a road
closure licence from Norwich City Council and receive authorisation to do so.
Please make sure that you consult with everyone on your street about your plans for a street
party or play street session before you make this application.
Roads that are suitable for street parties
Not all roads will be suitable to close for street parties or play street session. Roads that will be
suitable will be local roads, cul-de-sacs and residential roads.
However some roads will not be possible to close due to emergency access requirements, such as:
A roads: eg Newmarket Road. B roads: eg Earlham Road. Local distributor roads: eg Rosary Road.
Costs and payment
The cost of the application for the road closure will be £37.64. This needs to be paid at the
time of your application, by cheque or over the phone by credit or debit card – telephone
0344 980 3333 and quote reference HWTTRO.
The application cannot be considered or processed until payment has been made.
There may be extra costs associated with insurance, signage and barriers. See below.
We advise applicants to consider having public liability insurance to give organisers extra
peace of mind should an unforeseen or unfortunate incident occur during the event.
Road closure signs
It will be your responsibility to ensure that you provide road closure signs, barriers and possibly
diversion signs for your event. You can contact the highways team (as shown on page 1) for
advice on what will be required and the need, if any, for a traffic management plan.
The Streets Alive website has recommendations about low cost signage for your street party.
They provide the template and dimensions required and suggest where you can purchase
them as banners, or how to make them from paper and cardboard.
Visit for more information.
You will also be required to put a notice up in your street to say the road will be closed.
Times for your street party
The road closure notice for street parties will be valid up until 11pm.
If you have any questions, please contact the streetworks team on 01603 212203.
Contact details
Person applying for road closure/applicant:
Title First name(s) Surname
Telephone number
Email address
Media publicity
The local media are sometimes interested in contacting you about your street activity.
Please tick here iif you are happy for your contact details to be passed to the media.
Event organiser
(It is very important that you have already obtained permission from this person and/or body for
their details to be published in the paper.):
Telephone number
Email address
Additional contacts
Please provide any additional contact info to help avoid any delays in processing this application.
Telephone number
Email address
Date of application
/ /
dd mm yy
Road closure details
Will pedestrian access be maintained?
If pedestrian access will not be allowed through the closure you should get advice from
Norwich City Council’s streetworks team (contact details on page 1).
Yes No
Name of event:
Name the event is being advertised under.
Street name:
Name of the street you wish to close.
Start location of closure:
Identify the exact limit of the closure, eg ‘from outside property number 20’. It is usual to provide
road closure signs and/or marshalls at the start and end points. It would help if you confirmed
how the road will be physically closed – this is sometimes best expressed on a plan or drawing
and can be attached separately if you are emailing.
End location of closure:
Identify the exact limit of the closure eg to outside property number 80. This helps identify the
points up to which access will be maintained along the route being closed.
Start time of closure:
It is important to quote the exact start time, day and date of the road closure
ie hh:mm on dd/mm/yy.
/ /
dd mm yy
hh mm
End time of closure:
It is important to quote the exact end time, day and date of the road closure
ie hh:mm on dd/mm/yy.
/ /
dd mm yy
hh mm
Alternative route: Include road names, ‘locally known as’ names and numbers at junctions.
Please also show on a plan or drawing, with diversion route signing (this can be attached
separately if you are emailing).
If a busy road (ie if local buses are affected) is being closed you may need to provide a signed
alternative route for affected traffic to get to the other side of the closure. This route must be
able to safely cope with the additional traffic it will carry. The need to sign an alternative route
depends on the type of route being closed and the duration of the closure – please ask for
advice from Norwich City Council’s streetworks team (contact details on page 1).
Possible impact
Is there local support for this event taking place and the road being closed?
Please provide details of who you have consulted with and details of anyone that is not in favour.
Please list any businesses that may be affected and their contact names and numbers:
Please consider the impact of the road closure and how it could affect businesses.
Is a bus route affected (public and/or school)?
Yes No
If yes, which bus service is affected?
Please state what type, if any, bus service is affected. To assess the impact your proposal may
have on buses you should contact the Norfolk County Council travel and transport services (TTS)
team on 0344 800 8009.
What measures will be required to minimise disruption to buses?
If your road closure affects buses you should explain what arrangements have been agreed
with Norfolk County Council’s TTS team to help reduce the impact to bus services.
If you would like this information in another language
or format such as large print, CD or Braille please visit or call 0344 980 3333.
COM12171 – 07/19
Please list any other details or contacts that will assist your application:
Please provide any other information that you feel may assist us with processing your request.
/ /
dd mm yy
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