Garage/lockable parking bay
Number: Site:
I give notice that I want to end my tenancy of the above garage/lockable parking bay on:
Sunday of 20
Name Date / /
If filling this form in electronically, please type your name here
Notice of ending a
parking bay tenancy
Terms and conditions
of ending your tenancy
Please read all of these terms carefully and
sign below to confirm that you understand
and agree with them.
This notice to quit document is a legally binding
document that will end your garage / parking
post tenancy.
You are required to give one full week’s notice
ending on a Sunday to end your garage
tenancy. Eg: if you hand in the notice on
a Wednesday, then your tenancy will end
11 days later, one week on Sunday.
If you would like this information in another language or format such
as large print, CD or Braille please visit
or call 0344 980 3333
DPP11192 12/2017
Please return
this form to:
The notice period starts from the date this form
is received by the council, not the date it is signed.
If the garage keys are not returned to City
Hall by the day after the expected end date
(Monday) at the latest, your tenancy will not
be ended and you will continue to pay rent
until the Sunday after they are returned or
the lock is changed (see below).
If the lock needs to be changed or any
items left inside a garage need to be cleared
following the end of your tenancy, you will
repay our costs for this (minimum charges
£150 plus tonnage / controlled waste per
clearance, £110 per lock change).
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