Application to trade
on Norwich Market
About you
Surname Forename
Contact number Email
National insurance number Place of birth
About your business
Trading name
Website address (if you have one)
Please provide detailed information about the products and/or services you wish to sell.
Please include any photographic evidence which demonstrates your products and/or
services. Please include a business plan if you have one.
Please return this
application to:
Norwich City Council
Markets services
City Hall
St Peters Street
Font: Humanist
Name of your business partner (if you have one)
Your business partner’s contact number
VAT number (if you have one)
Is this a new business? Yes No
How long have you been trading?
Do you already hold a stall on Norwich Market? Yes No
Do you trade on other markets? Yes No
If no, tell us the following
How many staff will you employ?
How many local producers/companies will supply your business?
About our stalls
How many stalls would you like to rent?
Please tell us how you plan to fit the stall out. Please attach any images, drawings or photographs
of how your goods will be displayed or presented.
This section of the application is to provide information about the space requirements of your
business. Each standard stall on Norwich Market is 8ft (2.4m) by 10ft (3m). You may wish to
consider grouping two or more stalls together to create a larger unit. Stall rents do not include
service charges, utility charges, VAT or business rates, all of which remain the responsibility of
the business. Stall rents will be reviewed annually.
If you require this form in another language or format,
eg large print, CD or Braille, please call
0344 980 3333
or email
DPP10950 – 9/16
Notes for applicants
If your application is accepted we will require the following:
• A bank reference
• Two character references
A basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
check (formerly known as a CRB check)
A copy of your Public Liability Insurance
(we require insurance up to £5 million)
• A business plan
A copy of a valid work permit if you require
one to work in the UK
Proof of identification (passport/driving licence)
• A recent passport-sized photo of yourself
Proof of address (utility bill or similar not older
than 3 months)
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