Dear Teacher:
The parents of one of your students,
are seeking to have their child evaluated by our office for a health concern. As part of our
evaluation process, we ask that both the child’s parents and teacher complete a set of
behavioral rating scales. This information is important for the diagnosis and treatment of
your student.
Your time and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Attached to this letter
are a set of teacher rating scales and questionnaires, the NICHQ Vanderbilt Teacher
Assessment Scale.
Generally, the teacher who spends the most time with the child should complete the
teacher rating scales. However, if the child has more than one primary teacher, or has a
special education teacher, it would be useful for us to obtain a separate set of rating scales
from each teacher. If more than one set of rating scales is required, please have the parent
contact us directly at our clinic number and we will forward additional rating scales as
needed. Please note that the same teacher should complete each entire set of forms.
Please fill out the forms as completely as possible. If you do not know the answer to a
question, please write, “Don’t know,” so that we can be sure the item was not simply
overlooked. Some of the questions in the rating scales may seem redundant. This is
necessary to ensure that we obtain accurate diagnostic information.
We ask that you complete these forms as soon as possible, as we are unable to begin
a child’s evaluation without the teacher rating scales. The forms should be mailed to us
directly in the envelope provided.
Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in the completion of these forms. If you have
any questions regarding the enclosed materials, or if you would like additional information
regarding services provided, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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