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Supporting adult learners in an English class.
Leicestershire County Council Adult Learning Service
These are classes for adults who want to brush up their English skills and take a qualification.
Activities may range from helping to explain paragraph use, or where a learner might put an
apostrophe, to making the tea or lending a sympathetic ear to a personal problem! Some volunteers
may be required to sit on a one to one basis with a specific learner,while other classes may require a
volunteer to help in a more general way. Details can be obtained by contacting the Coordinator.
Volunteering gives a sense of satisfaction as you are helping others succeed in their learning journey;
team work,discussion skills and meeting people from a wide social spectrum will all help broaden your
perspective. In turn,volunteering will help develop your own confidence and social skills,as well as
boosting your own C.V.
You will also be included in the teaching process and many volunteers go on to become more involved
with education or public service in some way.
Whatever your reasons for volunteering, one thing is for certain,you won't get bored!
There are 3 classes in need of a volunteer: WED 10-12, 12.30-2.30 and TUE 6.45-8.45pm
Melton library
Leicestershire Adult Learning Service,Coordinator and the tutor
Your own English skills need to be at Level 2 or equivalent and you need to be patient,calm and have a
sense of humour! You will meet people from all walks of life,so having an open mind is a must.
Learners and the tutor will get to know and trust you,so you must be reliable and trust worthy.
You should be able to reinforce the tutor's teaching by explaining it in a down to earth manner. or work mobile 07796994952
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