Terms and Conditions
ayment by Instalment
All payments are subject to the following conditions;-
a. You agree that by authorising payment by instalments, you are authorised to
use the credit/debit card for the payment or payments that you are making
b. By accepting these terms, you authorise us to charge the debit/credit card
account you have provided for the instalment term you have selected.
c. You agree that there will either be sufficient funds available under the credit
card limit or sufficient funds in the debit card account to make the card
payments when they fall within the agreed instalment dates.
You further agree that :-
1.1 Where an instalment arrangement is set up to make payments by recurring card
payment, we will notify you, or a third party making the payment, of the dates on
which the payment/s will be made, or may contact you to make a payment.
1.2 Instalments falling on a weekend or public holiday will be payable the next
working day.
1.3 Instalments unpaid, for whatever reason will be tried within 5 working days if
direct debit has been set up. If the instalment fails the second time the payment
will not be tried again and this payment by instalments Agreement will be
cancelled and payment will be expected in full.
1.4 We will not refund instalments due or initial bank charges unless due to an error
by us.
If in the event you are unhappy with the services provided at any stage of your
course or require further Data Protection information, please refer to the learner
handbook for further guidance