Y:\A&R Forms and Petitions\Special Admission Criteria - Course Restrictions - Form 3.20.19.docx Revised 3/23/2020
Please read the following information carefully:
1. The Special Admission Program is open to any K-12 student who, in the opinion of the Superintendent/President
or designee, can benefit from instruction.
2. Students may be admitted upon recommendation of the principal, counselor and parent. All new students under
grade 9 and their parent or guardian must attend an interview with a college official (college dean, college vice
president, counselor, or subject matter instructor), to determine registration eligibility, course placement, and
general advisement.
3. Special Admission students must conform to the College’s academic rules and regulations and the Code of
Conduct expected of all college students.
4. The College reserves the right to exclude or limit registration into programs where the health, safety, instructional
methodology, facility constraints, or legal requirements are deemed inappropriate for Special Admission students.
5. Special Admission students are exempt from paying the California Community College Enrollment Fee if they
register as a part-time student (less than 12 units during fall and spring semesters; less than 6 units during the
summer intersession). Special Admission students who register for 12 or more units during fall/spring or for 6 or
more units during the summer) must pay the enrollment fee for all units registered. All other fees must be paid by
both part-time and full-time Special Admission students (i.e. Health Center Fee, Student Center Fee.)
6. Courses listed on the following page are NOT open to Special Admission students.
PROCEDURE: You cannot register before the Priority Registration Date specified for K-12 students.
1. Apply for admission online at www.solano.edu and submit the Special Admission Recommendation Form with all
required signatures to Admissions and Records at the Fairfield campus, Vacaville Center or Vallejo Center. These
must be processed prior to registration.
2. Students must provide documentation for prerequisite clearance or challenge. High School transcripts or verification
of prerequisite course completion and a Request for Transcript Review must be submitted at least ten (10) business
days prior to attempting to register for classes. Prerequisites are strictly enforced and will not be waived. Upon
submission, prerequisite clearances are entered within ten (10) business days.
3. Special Admission students register as new students each semester; they do not gain registration priority as
continuing students.
4. You must register for classes online using MySolano (my.solano.edu). YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED IN
CLASSES FROM THIS FORM. You may register ONLY in the specific courses listed on your Special
Admission Recommendation Form that has been signed by your school principal and parent.
5. See Schedule of Classes online or go to MySolano (my.solano.edu) to determine the Priority Registration date for
K-12 students.
6. All K-12 students will automatically be permitted to take TUTR 500 and/or MATH 505 (non-credit courses).
Y:\A&R Forms and Petitions\Special Admission Criteria - Course Restrictions - Form 3.20.19.docx Revised 3/232020
Special Admission Students May NOT Register in
Courses Listed Below
The following courses are not open to Special Admission Students because they are not classified as
advanced scholastic or vocational work or are excluded because of the criteria in
Item #4 of the Special Admission Program Criteria.
All Aeronautics courses
All Cosmetology courses
FIRE 140
All Athletics courses
All Emergency Medical Technician courses with the exception of EMT 128
All Kinesiology (Physical Education) courses with the exception of KINE 020A and 020S
All Nursing courses with the exception of NURS 103, 104, 105, and 111
All 300-level English courses with the exception of ENGL 310D
All 300-level ESL Courses
All 300-level Horticulture courses
All 300-level Mathematics courses with the exception of MATH 311 and Math 312
I, the student named below, grant permission to Solano Community College to release my grades and/or
transcript to my high school registrar or counselor. This release shall be in effect for one semester.
______________________________ _____________________
Solano CC student ID#: Semester/Year for Grades Release
______________________________ ____________________________________ ________________
Student-Print name: Student Signature: Date signed:
______________________________ ____________________________________ ________________
Guardian/Parent-Print name: Guardian/Parent Signature: Date signed:
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Y:\A&R Forms and Petitions\Special Admission Criteria - Course Restrictions - Form 3.20.19.docx Revised 3/23/2020
Example: ART 010 Art Appreciation
Please indicate the term for
which you are applying:
___Fall 20____
(August December)
___Spring 20____
(January May)
___Summer 20____
(June August)
Last Name
(Please print)
First Name
Middle Initial
Date of Birth____________________________
E-Mail Address _______________________________
Anticipated Graduation Date ____________________
Current Grade Level __________________________
(If you are new to SCC and below grade 9, please have form
signed by college official at your interviewsee #2 of Special
Admission Program Criteria.)
Current G.P.A. ______________________________
List Courses in which You Wish to Register
Note: You will NOT be registered for classes
from this form. To register you must use
MySolano online registration
________ _______
Subject Number
Course Title
________ _______
Subject Number
Course Title
________ _______
Subject Number
Course Title
FEES: Students registering in 12 or more units in Fall and Spring or in 6 or more units in the Summer will be
charged regular enrollment fees for all units registered.
I am pleased to recommend the above-named student for Solano Community College's Special Admission Program.
He/she is academically prepared for the following advanced scholastic or vocational courses, and completion of the
rse(s) on your campus would enhance the student's ability to compete effectively in his/her future education. This
student has availed himself or herself of all opportunities to enroll in an equivalent course at his or her district of
attendance, per Education Code, Sections 48800, 48800.5 and 76001(a) and (b).
For any particular grade level, a principal shall not recommend for community college summer session attendance more
than 5 percent of the total number of pupils who completed that grade immediately prior to the summer session.
By sign
ing on line below, the K-12 principal attests to compliance with this regulation.
Counselor’s Name (print)
SCC COLLEGE OFFICIAL (required if student is new to SCC
& under Grade 9; see Criterion #2 on reverse side)
I approve of my son/daughter taking the above listed course(s) on the Solano Community College campus. I understand
that there are federally imposed privacy restrictions on my child’s records that bar me from accessing those
records regardless of my child’s age unless I have my child’s written consent. I understand that my child must
adhere to the academic standards of the College. I understand that no extra supervision is provided for minors
before, during or after class.
_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
I declare under penalty of perjury that the statements submitted by me in connection with determination of Special
Admission are true and correct. All materials submitted by me for purposes of admission become the property of Solano
Community College. I understand that falsification, withholding pertinent data, or failure to report data changes may result
in my dismissal. I authorize SCC to provide a copy of my transcript to the school named above.
_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
A&R Staff: Please add TUTR 500 & MATH 505 to all K12 requests.
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