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Updated: 5.1.2020 MA
Fall Spring Summer Year: ____________
Admissions and Records Petition
Substitution of Degree Requirements
Select one:
Major Requirement (Must have signature of School Dean)
Substitution (Course for course ONLY. Course descriptions/syllabus and official transcript must be provided) Work
Experience (Must attach a letter from employer certifying that work performed complies with course syllabus)
Course Title
or Work
SCC Class Title / #
you wish to substitute for:
(Example: ENGL 001)
Reason for Request:(to be completed by student)
_____________ ______________________________________
Student’s Signature (Required)
Date Telephone No.
Action of Dean of School (major requirement) or A&R Dean or designee (GE requirement)
Denied - The requested substitution or waiver does not meets the spirit of intent of the requirement. Approved Waiver
Approved Substitution - The requested substitution meets the spirit of intent of the requirement. Credit-by-Exam
Faculty Recommendation (optional):_______________________________________________________________________________
Print Faculty Name: _________________________________
(Required only if Faculty input is requested by Dean)
Date: ___________ Print Dean’s Name: ________________________ Dean Signature: _________________________________
Date: ___________ Print A&R Dean or designee Name: _________________________ Sign: ____________________________
Email Address:
Date of Birth:
City/ State/Zip:
Rec’d By: ___________
Date: ______________
Graduation: (expected)
Counselors Notes:
General Education Requirement (GE): (Approval/denial given by A&R Dean or Designee)
Substitution only (Course descriptions/syllabus and transcript must be attached)
DD295 or DD214 with Honorable Discharge (Dean signature is not required)
(Meets requirements for SCC GE Option A Health and Kinesiology & CSU GE Option C Area E)
Waiver of GE requirements due to a previously completed BA/BS degree from a regionally
accredited college or university. Official transcript evaluation by Solano is required.
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Substitution/Waiver Information and Instructions
See online catalog for SCC course information.
This form should ideally be completed and submitted well in advance of petitioning for your
degree and/or certificate.
Please identify your major when completing this form as this may affect the outcome of the
Please identify the term in which you intend to graduate when completing this form.
If you are using courses from another institution, that institution must be regionally
accredited. To determine whether or not a school is regionally accredited, please visit: http://
Major substitutions must be approved by the Dean of the School of the major is listed in the
catalog. The School Dean will review in consultation with an appropriate faculty member.
GE (General Education) substitution must be approved by the Dean of A&R, or designee. If
you disagree with the determination made, you should first consult with the Admissions and
Records Office. If resolution cannot be found complete an Appeal Petition.
The School Dean has the option to request/advise Credit-by-Exam in lieu of waiving a course.
1. Student to complete form in pen, sign and date.
2. Please attach OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT and all course descriptions from previous
institutions that support each class that you are requesting a substitution for. Course
descriptions must be from the year the class was taken from your previous institutions
3. Submit form to Admission & Records office, Fairfield campus, Bldg 400.
4. A&R will review and if Dean signature is required, A&R will send to the Dean’s office.
5. Dean will return signed form to A & R once their review is complete.
6. A&R will process and email a copy to student’s SCC email.
7. Meeting with a counselor prior to submitting is recommended.
General Information: