Summer 2020 Withdrawal
Solano Community College
4000 Suisun Valley Rd.
Fairfield, CA 94534
Student ID: ________________
Last Name: ________________________
Middle: ____________
First Name: ___________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________
Unit/Apt: ____________________
City: ___________________________________
State: ________
Zip Code: _____________________________
Email: _________________________________________________
Cell Phone: ___________________________
This petition is used for request an Excused Withdrawal (EW) on your transcript due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Before
selecting this option, please contact your Counselor, Financial Aid office, or other programs in which you
are enrolled (ex: CalWorks, EOPS, Veterans, etc.) to understand the ramifications of this petition.
Excused Withdrawal (EW) - If you are still enrolled in a class and wish to drop it due to COVID-19 and the last
day to drop with a 'W' has passed, this agreement will allow for us to assign an 'EW' on your transcript.
The EW may affect your financial aid the same way that a W does; contact the Financial Aid office for further
You may petition through the Financial Aid office to not have it count in your Satisfactory Academic Progress.
An EW will not affect your progress probation or dismissal status.
This may affect other benefits such as Veterans, Sponsorships, athletics, etc.
This option will provide a refund to you if you are not receiving the CCPG, sponsorships, or Solano Promise
This option is only available for Summer 2020 Semester.
rev. 07.01.2020
Course name: CRN:
Course name: CRN:
Course name: CRN:
Course name: CRN:
By signing below, you understand the ramifications of this petition and how it may affect your financial aid,
academic record, etc. You are requesting to have an EW your transcript.
This agreement must be sent to no later than August 7, 2020. The petition will
take up to 10 business days to process. Please allow up to 12 weeks for a refund to be processed.
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