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Pyrotechnic Permit Application - $275.00 Fee
Site Information-
Site Address:_______________________________________ Owner/Business Name: ___________________
Description of Event: ________________________________________________________________________
Event Date(s) ____/_____/_________ to ____/_____/_________
Applicant Information-
Name:________________________________________ Phone Number_________________________
Address:___________________________________ __________________________________________
Email Address:________________________________________________________________________
Permit Contact (if different):
Name:________________________________________ Phone Number_________________________
Pyrotechnic Operator:
Name:________________________________________ Phone Number_________________________
Certificate #:___________________________________
Attach the following documentation:
Fireworks Operator License from the MN Dept of Public Safety
Event Site Map and Storage Plan prior to display
Insurance Certificate of Liability Insurance
I hereby acknowledge that the information above is correct and that the burning will be in conformance with DNR regulations
and City of Duluth Codes and Ordinances.
_________________________________________ _________________________________
1) All pyrotechnic displays shall be done with an approved permit.
2) A State of Minnesota pyrotechnics license is required for all pyrotechnic displays.
3) The state license number must be verified and put on the permit.
4) Plans must be submitted prior to the show. (Includes site plan and list of shells to be used.)
5) Outdoor Displays- All outdoor displays shall have a representative of the Fire Department present.
6) Indoor Displays- all indoor displays shall have a representative of the Fire Department present.
(Exception: small flash pots for theatrical performances may not require a Fire Department
representative be present with approval of the Fire Marshal. However, a test shot of the flash pots
must be witnessed.)
7) Use of fire- The use of fire requires a permit. The permit may be waived if in the determination of the
Fire Department determines there is no additional risk to the audience.
8) Pyrotechnic shows must comply with the adopted fire code and all NFPA documents governing
fireworks storage, handling, and use of.