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Blasting Permit Application - $275.00 Fee
Site Information-
Site Address:_______________________________________ Site Name: _____________________________
Description of Blast: ________________________________________________________________________
Blast Date(s) ____/_____/_________ to ____/_____/_________
Blasting Company Information-
Name:________________________________________ Phone Number_________________________
Address:___________________________________ __________________________________________
Email Address:________________________________________________________________________
Blast Contact (if different):
Name:________________________________________ Phone Number_________________________
Attach the following documentation:
Blasting License Explosives List
Blast Site Map Transportation Plan
Storage Site Map Insurance Certificate of Liability Insurance
I hereby acknowledge that the information above is correct and that the burning will be in conformance with DNR regulations
and City of Duluth Codes and Ordinances.
_________________________________________ _________________________________
1. All blasting done within the city must be done with an approved permit. A detailed plan
must be submitted of the blast site, reason for blasting, storage of blasting materials,
MN Explosive License, transportation route and times of blast when applying for permit.
2. Blast seismic reports may be required by the Fire Department at any time.
3. Blasters must carry and provide proof of $2.000,000 insurance. Insurance papers must
be submitted and indicate validity through the duration of permit.
4. The blasting permit must be kept on site.
5. Public Works and Utilities Customer Service Division shall be notified a minimum of 48
hours (weekdays only) in advance of initial blasting to allow a survey of the site. Please
contact Adam Hendrickson (218) 730-4043 from Duluth Water & Gas Operations
regarding the blast site. Life Safety will notify Holly Feehan, Chris Kleist and Chad
Bednar, also at Water & Gas, of the blast site and dates.
6. Failure to comply with any of the above regulations shall result in immediate
cancellation of the permit and restrictions on future blasting in the City of Duluth.
7. Blasting permit fee is $275. Blasting done prior to permit approval shall result in a $500
8. Per State Statute blasting mats must be used in all congested areas.
9. Permit holder must provide a copy of their Minnesota Explosives License to the City of
Duluth Fire Marshal.