Life Safety Division City of Duluth Fire Department
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Bonfire Permit Application - $ 225.00 Fee
Site Address:_______________________________________ Owner/Business Name: ___________________
Event Description:
Site Map: (Indicate location of burn in relation to buildings and roads or attach map)
Permit Applicant:
Name:________________________________________ Phone Number_________________________
Address:___________________________________ __________________________________________
Email Address:________________________________________________________________________
Bonfire Contact (if different):
Name:________________________________________ Phone Number_________________________
Email Address:________________________________________________________________________
I hereby acknowledge that the information above is correct and that the burning will be in conformance with DNR regulations
and City of Duluth Codes and Ordinances.
_________________________________________ _________________________________
1) Bonfires are intended to schools or large social events. These events shall be sponsored
by a public, parochial, or private school or other approved organizations.
2) Burn clear lumber only (pallets).
3) Have 300 ft clearance from all combustibles.
4) A school employee/representative shall purchase permit 1 week before event for $225.
5) A Duluth fire fighter is required to be present and start and extinguish the fire.
6) The Life Safety Division of the Fire Department will inspect the burn site.
7) A school staff or representative shall be designated as the responsible party of the fire.
8) The fire fighter on scene shall be in charge of the fire. The fire fighter will extinguish the
fire whenever a safety issue arises.
9) Each events past bonfire history will be reviewed and past problems may disallow the
permit. When the Fire Marshal feels adequate measures have been taken to correct the
problem, then a permit can be issued.